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Everything in its right place

Pressure sensitive sheet prints outline of things.
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Okay, so this item is a sheet that isn't exactly normal. This sheed will be laid on a table, and then you put things on the sheet. The sheet compacts where the objects contact, and then later, once you've taken all the objects off, the indentures invert, and an adhesive-ink mixture pools into the them. Then you lay the sheet on the table as it was, and press the ink shapes onto the table. Now you have a memorized placement of things. Great for labs, OCD freakazoids, and the occasional artist.
daseva, Oct 01 2005

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       We used to do something like this with blueprint paper, interesting tree leaves, grasses, and seed pods when I was in elementary school. Art, chemistry and nature studies all in one handy hands-on lesson plan.
jurist, Oct 02 2005


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