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Raindrops (don't) keep fallin' on my toes.
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Little, naturally-grown umbrellas, fashionably coloured, to match your clothes and keep rain off the toes of your shoes.

This is achieved by purposely seeking out waterproof fungi fruiting bodies and cultivating the spores from those fungi to grow in damp leather so a small colony of mushrooms grows on the toes of your shoes, keeping the rain from wetting your feet. Very useful in rainy winter weather.

Then, when you're feeling bored, you can hold imaginary conversations with the pixies that live under the mushrooms that grow on the toes of your shoes.

UnaBubba, Jun 30 2012

Like: http://officespam.c...s/shoe-umbrella.jpg
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2012]


       How about Mushrooms, ones where you enter and there are large toadstools on the floor at the urinals where they protect your feet from being sprayed by urine while basking in detritus.
rcarty, Jun 30 2012

       I thought a mushroom was synonymous for 'teen bedroom'.
Phrontistery, Jul 01 2012

       One could also search for a huge mushroom (tag it with GPS) and dig a 1 man bunker right underneath it (well, not right underneath, slighty besides it, just enough to keep the shroom alive).   

       In case it rains, one can then very hurridly run to that location, jump into the concrete pit, and have the mushroom protect your head.   

       In the future, Google Earth may help us in locating such a network of mushroom-based rain-protecting bunkers for the poor man.   

       UnaBubba's idea is a concept that needs elaboration. It is a good initial step towards more advanced uses of mushrooms in our collective war against such phenomena as rain, which are really blatant attacks on our biological systems (did you know that over-exposure to rain makes the skin wrinkle, which is a process that involves millions of molecules being aggressed each and every second?)   

       Anyways, in order for us to create mushroom-based rain-protection bunkers, one also needs to protect the trees above those mushrooms. To prevent rain that falls through the trees' canopy dropping onto your head, one needs a second layer of protection. We can organise that, with respect for nature, and the cement industry.
django, Jul 01 2012

       No, [Max], not like those. those are small plastic umbrellas. These are the natural option.
UnaBubba, Jul 01 2012

       Ah. A world of difference.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2012

       There are other worlds than these.
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       //There are other worlds than these.// And in that sheep of death what dreams may come.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2012


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