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The art of skilled escuse making
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As a perpetual student I find the quality excuse is an artform which requires constant care and attention - each excuse needs to be carefully crafted to be unquestionable if not beleivable. The problem is to keep track - how many wisdom teeth have you actually had removed? How many Grannies have died? The answer is a simple computer/PDA program which keeps track of your excuses. It could contain various categories and suggestions as to how many times you could use that excuse before it became lame, e.g. the dead relative tracker; household pet consumed/excreted on homework tracker; act of god prevented attendance tracker... (further suggestions gratefully recieved.)
stimpy, Mar 12 2004


       Wouldn't you be woried you might leave it lying around somewhere, or leave it at home and have no idea which excuse to use?
RobertKidney, Mar 12 2004


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