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Expendable Fingers

If, like me, you can't hammer straight.
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A rubber finger and thumb on the end of a stick, which pinch together to hold a nail in place while you're hammering.

Avoids hammering your actual fingers and/or thumbs.

Fishrat, Jul 28 2004

Damned Aviods are everywhere!! http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
No mention of hammers being their weapon of choice, though. [egbert, Oct 05 2004]

(?) Nail Guides http://www.dynamic-....com/nail-guide.htm
[marked-for-deletion] consumer advice [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Would this help? http://www.industri...com/fullstory/11190
[sartep, Oct 05 2004]


       Stick the nail through a piece of card. Avoids hammering your expendable fingers.
angel, Jul 28 2004

       Maybe the rubber fingers could explode with fake blood if you hit them hard, acting as a timely reminder of what might have happened if you hadn't used them?   

       In that case though they'd need to be sold in packets of 3, or in my case 10.
Fishrat, Jul 28 2004

       Can we do expendable feet too please.
oneoffdave, Jul 28 2004

       An old timer taught me that the right way to start nails is to hold the nail between two fingers, the knuckles of which are resting on the surface to be nailed. This way if you miss you are only hitting the meat of your fingers instead of the tip or the bone.
I haven't had to use certain expletives since. Don't get me wrong, rubber fingers are good too.

       Ask for a nail guide (see link).
DrCurry, Jul 28 2004

       [DrC] They look rather too professional and might relay the false impression that I knew what I were doing.

       Can I sign you up for the new comedy Gollum version instead?
Fishrat, Jul 28 2004

       I've never had this problem, but love the idea non-the- less, croissant!
swimr, Jul 28 2004


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