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Explosive tattooing

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Following some misadventures with the newly-launched Laser Chisel, MaxCo. has now devised a novel way to create high-resolution tattoos.

The tattoo itself is first applied as a paint, with each colour being allowed to dry before applying the next. As with any form of painting, colours can be mixed in any combination. Any mistakes can be removed with a damp cloth.

Once the customer is satisfied (or still drunk), we proceed to the stage of Explosive Empermanentization.

The paints contain millions of microcapsules, each containing a mixture of pigment and a photosensitive explosive. The aforementioned Explosive Empermanentization step involves a powerful UV flash- gun, which is brought to bear on the painted area of skin.

With one sharp bang and an aroma of singed skin, the microcapsules are detonated by the light, driving the pigment deep into the skin.

The process is intensely painful (which seems to be the point of tattooing) but, unlike conventional tattooing, it concentrates most of the pain into a single blinding burst.

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 12 2015


       Get a group of crazy people prepped with various pre tattoos. Set them loose in a laser tag park with appropriate Explosive Empermanentization weaponry.   

       The winner is the one able to shower off the explosive bits at the end of the session and be tattoo free.   

       The rest are sent to Galactic Prison Number 8.
popbottle, Sep 12 2015

       You must suffer to be beautiful...literally. Ouch.
blissmiss, Sep 12 2015

       I know some ugly motherfuckers who have suffered a fair bit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 12 2015

       ...er... um... excuse me, [Max]; but this idea seems strangely reminiscent of, well, practically *ANYTHING* out of [8th of 7]'s Hive-Mind. Actually, throw in a dead cat and I'd say this idea was downright plagiarismically inclined.
Grogster, Sep 12 2015

       May I humbly suggest a product name? Bang On Artworks
AusCan531, Sep 13 2015

       How would you get clean, sharp lines ? I think everything would be blurry in all respects.
wjt, Sep 13 2015

       //Bang On Artworks// works for us.   

       //I think everything would be blurry in all respects// Each microcapsule contains only a very small amount of explosive, sufficient to penetrate only a couple of hundred microns. Thus, the blur radius would be less than this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2015

       Ah, a rattattattatattoo.   


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