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Extendable smartphone belt clip

Solves a few other common belt clip problems.
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Oh I'm a tear now fellas. Two other common problems I've encountered with belt clips for phones stem from the fact that the phone is positioned too high on the waist, when mounted directly at belt level, if you're going to sit down (this is a comfort issue, as I've found it it digs into my hip and pushes tightly against the seatbelt receptacle in the car) or wear long outerwear, like a winter coat, which either covers it or bunches up atop it making ready access to the phone difficult and your coat fit uncomfortably.

I've seen some folks hook their belt clip into the front pocket of their pants, but I find this to be a loose fit that either results in the whole thing falling out if you're walking too fast or difficulty separating the phone from the clip without pulling the whole clip out with it.

So this would be a clip that attaches securely to one's belt, but the part that holds the phone can be lowered a few inches to get that big slab of Gorilla glass off your hip. MagSafe compatible, of course.

21 Quest, Mar 06 2023

Perhaps this style? https://jediinsider...mid=15508#gsc.tab=0
"Han Solo" type low-slung holster, but with a MagSafe panel instead of a gun holster. [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 06 2023]

Drop leg cellphone holsters https://www.amazon....k=phone+leg+holster
[a1, Mar 06 2023]


       That's going a bit lower than I'd envisioned... but the thigh makes a lot of sense for this, especially using a magnet. If the phone DOES get knocked loose, it's a much shorter distance to fall, almost certainly resulting in little or no damage with a case on.
21 Quest, Mar 06 2023

       You could always go Chewbacca-style across your chest.
RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2023


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