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Flatphone Shoulder Rest

More comfortable
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People have been holding phones (the mouthpiece/earpiece part) with their shoulders for so long that special tools were made to make the holding more comfortable. See link.

Well, why isn't there such a thing for today's flat phones? We don't want the shoulder rest to be permanently attached to the phone, but it could be attached to a phone-holder. Slide the phone into the holder, then rest it on the shoulder.

I'm guessing the main problem is, where do you put the shoulder rest when you are doing something else with the phone? Short of permanently attaching the rest to the shoulder (the shirt or blouse or jacket or...), perhaps a modification to the back side of the phone itself could work. Imagine a simple rod/handle, that was attached to a tiny air pump. Use it to inflate a balloon-type membrane attached to the back of the phone. When done having the phone on the shoulder, press a valve- button (normally held closed with a spring) to let the air out.

Vernon, Dec 31 2015

Old-fashioned shoulder rest for phone http://www.officede...r-rests/N=5+509827/
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Dec 31 2015]

Shoulder Rest for Cell Phone, Black http://www.walmart....hone-Black/42464560
[tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2016]

http://www.shoplet....hone/SOF00901M/spdv [tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2016]

http://officesuppli...phone-shoulder-rest [tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2016]


       What [bigs] said.
8th of 7, Dec 31 2015

       I'm pretty sure I've seen a phone case designed for this.
notexactly, Jan 01 2016

       If you can get this right, I foresee a lot of phones going into the recycle bin. Phones are so light now they can easily be part of anything one might normally wear. Even nudists have to carry handbags and flip flops.
popbottle, Jan 01 2016

       // Well, why isn't there such a thing for today's flat phones?   

       There is - link.
tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2016

       [notexactly], [tatterdemalion], OK, but it appears to be one of those permanently-stuck-to-the-phone things. Bulky in all situations besides using the shoulder.
Vernon, Jan 01 2016


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