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Hula Range Booster

For cellphones ;D
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A metal Hula-hoop that functions as an antenna. Has a Bluetooth transmitter to stream picked up RF to your phone. Powered by the same thing they use for self-winding watches. Only bigger.
21 Quest, Sep 17 2009


       may the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Racial Stereotyping strike you down [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2009

       Muchabliged, good sir. Muchabliged!
21 Quest, Sep 17 2009

       Keeping the Hula hooping around the cellphone would be a bit hard on the old arm.
wjt, Sep 17 2009

       That's what the Bluetooth is for. So it doesn't *have* to be around the phone.
21 Quest, Sep 17 2009

       So a sore neck then?
wjt, Sep 18 2009

       does the hula action boost the signal? or is that just to make it extra fun?
ixnaum, Sep 18 2009

       Probably both. Would also encourage fitness.
21 Quest, Sep 18 2009


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