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Galaxy Boom

Grind AMOLED screen, pour on boombox, sautee in 80's music
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A shoulder-mounted docking station and loudspeaker-assembly for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The tablet slides onto a rail in the landscape position and locks in place with a spring-loaded polycarbonate tab. The dock is on the rear end of the rail, raised vertically for it to slide right into place. I ran this one by several of my co-workers today and they all had one thing to say: "awesome."

While playing, the Tab's screen can either be blacked out or display the wave form (maybe the music video if available) of whatever's playing.

21 Quest, Dec 04 2010

Galaxy Tab http://en.wikipedia.../Samsung_galaxy_tab
[21 Quest, Dec 04 2010]

The craze http://www.google.c...fp=4824b41ba0d4cfd8
[21 Quest, Dec 04 2010]


       // I ran this one by my co-workers today and they all had one thing to say: "awesome."//

       Yeah, just get me my burger, OK?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 04 2010

       Perfect for walking around with a chip on your shoulder... a MICROchip, that is! yuk yuk yuk
DrWorm, Dec 04 2010

       Wow... I had NOT thought of that, Bigs. That would be AWESOME!
21 Quest, Dec 04 2010

       No, it would be hideously awful.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2010


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