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High School 'Recess'

Hey, elementary school kids get recess, working adults get breaks... What about us high school kids?
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I propose extending the average high school day 1/2 hour. However, this extra time is not for study, but for 'recess'. Let the kids relax somehow, somewhere... Say, in the middle of the morning, let the kids roam the hallways. There would also be teachers roaming about, to keep those troublesome few from doing this such as smoking, drinking, etc...

Hey, we like to get a bit of time off too!

I guess I only need to get this idea applied in America...

heroofmight, Apr 18 2005


       My high school did this and, having conferred with friends, it seems that every other school in Scotland did this, too.
calum, Apr 18 2005

       Oh, I didn't know of any schools that did this. I should move to Scotland...   

       Here in America, I've never seen a high school that did this...
heroofmight, Apr 18 2005

       'scool [heroo], I assumed that all high schools the world over did this, having had little or no cause to believe otherwise.
calum, Apr 18 2005

       Geez! Why is America so different!?
heroofmight, Apr 18 2005

       I went to high school in America and we had a mid-morning break from 10:15-10:30 for a quick snack, bathroom break, chatting up friends, phone calls, etc. That was just 9 years ago.
Machiavelli, Apr 18 2005

       Maybe my school is the only in the world that doesn't get a break...
heroofmight, Apr 18 2005

       I didn't get a recess.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 18 2005

       I did--it was called ditching.   

       Actually, my senior class's "official" ditch day was school-sanctioned. That took all of the fun out of it, of course, so we added three unofficial senior ditch days on top of that. Really pissed off the teachers and admin--they turned one ditch day into four with reverse psychology.
disbomber, Apr 18 2005

       I didn't have a recess (in America), but I did have a lunch period to do whatever I wanted with, along with as many free periods as I could finagle.
brodie, Apr 18 2005

       I went to a magnet school and we had an hour long activity period 3 times a week. It was supposed to be for studying or extracurricular club meetings. A lot of us just hung out in the back parking lot, smoking or playing ultimate frisbee on the football field.
jaksplat, Apr 18 2005

       Good god! I'm moving to whereeveryou guys are! I am at school right now! We don't get recess! The ol' middle school just got playground equipment the year I actually had to come here (high school)!   

       It was much more boring in middle school. No, playground stuff, can't go back inside once you were outside, can't leave the cafeteria if you are inside. It sucked.   

       At this school we have a hour long lunch period! I can't stand to wait that long! It's way to long a lunch hour.   

       We are having this stupid 'diversity day' where we go to stupid classrooms and do activities and such. Announcements just came on saying for everyone to meet in auditorium! Eff that! I'm staying here in the office. I haven't done a thing all day except cruise the net and catch up on my homework! I'm not even supposed to be on this site!   

       Lol, nothing like life on the edge. If you can call this an edge :P .
EvilPickels, Apr 18 2005

       Oh yeah, and they have it in Japan, too.
calum, Apr 18 2005

       We were in class from 9 to 1. Breakfast was at 7:30, lunch was at 1:30. Then school was over, unless you had physical education at 2:30 three days a week.
reensure, Apr 18 2005

       Oh my God, get me my smelling salts! I've never heard of a high schooler complaining that an hour is too long for lunch!
Machiavelli, Apr 18 2005

       But to be fair, has [EvilPickels] ever been considered normal?
hidden truths, Apr 18 2005

       My lunch period was never long enough to smoke rocks and kill hookers satisfactorily. Kids these days!   

       [Edit: No, I'm not actually a rock-smoking prostitute-murderer.]
disbomber, Apr 18 2005

       [calum], Yeah, but that's the last time the Japanese ever get to take a break in their lives I think, so I'm not complaining too loudly. Crazy bastards stress themselves to death.   

       [reensure], you're kidding, right? We went from 8:00 to 3:20 with a 20 minute lunchbreak, 5 minute hall passes, and started at 6:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays for marching band practice during the competition season. And we had to make up snow-days.
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2005

       I'm curious how many of these schools that had "recess" breaks also had school on Saturday. I've heard that is the case in Japan. Not a good trade in my book.
Zimmy, Apr 19 2005

       Not kidding. Did omit the study hall, two or three afternoons a week after lunch, because except for holding the fort a time or two I was not there but in the library. Not strange, except in the context of general education at the time, as we got our four classes in and all got the required sixteen credits toward graduation. What I never reckoned or really missed was, I suppose, "gotta eat". The band and athletics had the run of the place on weekends.
reensure, Apr 19 2005

       Wow, that's... amazing, where did you go to school?

My school wasn't so bad, 10 minutes between classes (big school) and a 30 minute lunch. They had 2 lunch periods divvied up between all the students (half went to one, the other half to the other), and I was lucky enough to have Photography during the first lunch. Mr. Austin would take roll, then say "everyone in the dark room," which was my cue to hang out with my friends who had first lunch. There were another 45 minutes between lunch 1 & 2 when the janitor (custodian, dick!) would clean up before lunch 2. We referred to this as the "3/4 Compromise," when anyone interested would leave for the remaining 3/4 hour (hence the name) before coming back for 2nd lunch, if at all.

Eventually I just quit showing up altogether, so I guess I got a lot of recess time.
AfroAssault, Apr 19 2005

       Dunno, [Rayford], my spies in Japan tell me that, for the most part, though the Japanese spend longer in the office than their western counterparts, a large percentage of office time is spent goofing off and smoking, the hours being largely a matter of form.   

       One weird and largely off-topic thing about Japanese schools is that at lunch breaks, the kids teachers scurry to the staff room and the kids get the run of the school, going into whichever rooms they want, rather than being corralled in the playground.
calum, Apr 19 2005

       //One weird and largely off-topic thing about Japanese schools is that at lunch breaks, the kids teachers scurry to the staff room and the kids get the run of the school, going into whichever rooms they want, rather than being corralled in the playground.//   

       Sounds like my high school. Lots of high tech stuff around (brand new school), and I had a Palm m505 with a nifty program I'd downloaded called PalmRemote. Well, every classroom (and one big Commons room for schoolwide presentations) there has a projector controlled by an infrared remote control, and what PalmRemote did was intercept those IR signals and program them in so that you could turn on your TV, change the channel, etc. Well, this particular remote not only turned the projector on and off, and switched the input mode, etc., it also had several "marker" features that would let you draw on the picture. I sauntered into one empty classroom one day that had the misfortune of being open, and programmed the projector remote onto my Palm.   

       Needless to say, those schoolwide presentations got *much* more interesting from that day forth.   

       (I had heard rumors that my English teacher had an IR-powered keyless entry system for her car--never got a hold of her keys, though. Feck!)
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       I've said it before. With what is available for entertainment today, if you can't find something interesting to do with your time -- you must want your life to suck.
reensure, Apr 27 2005


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