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Eye Burner

Photographic memory for the masses.
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Find a wavelength of light that persists the longest in one's field of vision (i.e. photoflash ghost effect.) Project desired data (page(s) of text - speech, exam crib sheet, etc.) into one of the user's eyes. How long will it stay there? This depends on the persistance length. Perhaps a suitable drug could be designed that twiddles the light-sensitive proteins to stay transformed (look this up) longer when exposed to a specific wavelength of light.

Meanwhile, those who do not mind sacrificing an eye to pass the Big Exam could permanently burn the crib sheet into an eye's retina using a simple photonegative / flash / lens attachment :>

dsm, Sep 17 2000


       Do you think you could set it up that my light-sensitive proteins retain a copy of the sports page or perhaps a page from Playboy magazine? (an article of course, I just read 'em) Then I would have something to "read" while attending yet another boring meeting.
IBBen, Sep 18 2000

       This won't work.   

       1. The foveal area is limited, and it's hard to read in your peripheral vision. At best, you could "burn" a couple words into your eyes.   

       2. Without drugs, the afterimage lasts for a few minutes at most (and that's after long term exposure to the image followed by quiescent stimuli). If there are drugs that decrease pigment reactivation sufficiently, taking those drugs would make you effectively blind, which doesn't sound convenient at all.   

       [GeneticCrypto]: Yeah, yeah, file it will all the other wetware-biotech-nanotech-cyborg-sci-fi-wet-dream ideas (that is: not here). At least this idea tries to be tipuet, even if there are flaws.   

       [reensure]: What are "frostscenes"?   

       [PotatoStew]: Sure, with magic foo-foo future technology. HUD eyeglasses are bulky, cumbersome and expensive as it is; we're nowhere near HUD contact lenses. (There are theoretical challenges as well as practical; how do you focus the image onto the retina?)
egnor, Sep 18 2000, last modified Mar 23 2001

       Personally, I'd go for a direct optic nerve connection with a computer wet-wired right in there. Then you could have interchangable "contact lenses" that had programs on them and databases of information accessed by blinking.
GeneticCrypto, Sep 18 2000

       RhODopsin absorbs blue to green light most effectively whereas the three different cone photopigments most effectively absorb blue, green, or yellow-orange light.

I was unable to find a link for Frostscenes, but have anecdotal evidence for their existence.
reensure, Nov 11 2000

       hmmm... I wonder if there's any way to make a HUD contact lens...
PotatoStew, Mar 23 2001

       Maybe if you studied hard for your exams and then revised a bit...
DaveSt, Aug 31 2001


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