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Injectible eye floaters in entertaining shapes.
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You know when you are lying back, looking at the sky (or blank wall) with your eyes slightly unfocused and you see all the little microscopic "eye floaters" - the little bits of dead bacteria and whatever that are floating around in the liquid inside your eye? Well, EyeFloater is a collection of little microscopic colored shapes that you can have injected into your eye, so that now whenever you are bored you can lie back and watch your own kalidoscope show. This might go over well with the body modification crowd. Obviously you'd have to do a bit of tailoring to be sure to inject enough of them so that you would be able to see them, but not so many that it negatively affected your vision... Maybe you could have little smiley faces, hearts, flowers, peace signs, etc. Of course, the advertizing possibilities here are a little scary...
submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005


       I wonder whether double-walled contact lenses with entrapped floaters might sell better.
angel, Mar 10 2005

       I like your idea better than mine, Angel!
submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005

       I don't do acid any more. This would be nowhere near as good but would definitely provide an afternoon's entertainment.
wagster, Mar 10 2005

       They could probably be made of something which would break down after a few months (washing-machine manufacturers have the knack of making such products).   

       How about making them highly reflective so that, when you're photographed by flashlight, you have a real sparkle in your eye instead of the usual red-eye?
Basepair, Mar 10 2005

       sp. kaleidoscope
FarmerJohn, Mar 11 2005

       One time I spent a really long time pressing two jewler's loops against my eye and I saw that 1. there are little monkeys climbing my eyelashes like trees and 2. there are little fishys swimming around in my eyes like ponds.
JesusHChrist, Mar 11 2005

       Jezus knows where it's at
zeno, Mar 13 2005


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