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Eye Tweezers

Step 1: Poke in eye
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(Thanks for that one, [World].)

There are specialised materials around that can come into contact with the eye without causing irritation. Contact lenses are made out of such material, for example. A pair of tweezers tipped with such a substance might help get this damn eyelash out of my eye.

Detly, Nov 04 2004

Pac Man http://www.hereandt...ics/1982-inside.jpg
Shown here eating objects commonly found in one's eye, while producing his happy munching sound. [Amos Kito, Nov 06 2004]


       "Step 1: poke in eye" With a product like that you'll need a full time staff of product liability lawyers. On the other hand, I can think of few HB ideas that wouldn't.
Worldgineer, Nov 04 2004

       Contact lenses do cause irritation to the eye, the eye just becomes desensitised over the course of a few days to the presence of a foreign body. Used as a once-off like this, the tweezers would have no appreciable benefit comfort-wise. The specialised materials that contact lenses are made from are nothing more than oxygen-permeable plastics or silicone-hydrogels, like omafilcon-A or balafilcon, for example.
vigilante, Nov 04 2004

       Wet fingers don't seem to work for me. Eye baths are good, though.   

       I thought that (soft) contact lenses are made out of a polymer that attracts the protiens in the fluid on the surface of the eyeball, so they sort of bond to the eye. Having never worn them, I can't say.   

       I think I remember a story about perspex pilots goggles shattering frequently, and the pieces were found not to cause much irritation. Somehow, this led to contact lenses.
Detly, Nov 05 2004

       [Detly], the bonding of tear-film proteins to the lens material is the biggest problem facing contact lens manufacturers at the moment....if it wasn't for this issue, contacts could be worn indefinately. It's a drawback, and certainly not the mechanism by which the lenses stay on the eye.   

       The perspex-in-eye story is true, but it led to the invention of intraocular lenses (used in cataract extraction surgery), not contact lenses.
vigilante, Nov 05 2004

       Perhaps they could simply stick iron filings to each hair. If any fall in your eyes, hold a strong magnet to your eye and it will fly out!   

britboy, Nov 05 2004

       "And in this part of the Nanomagnetics and Spin Laboratory we have a high powered electromagnet used for various research projects. Here, I'll switch it on, and show you a few things."
"Oh no..."
Detly, Nov 06 2004

       //tweezers tipped with such a substance//   

       Don't use tweezers -- the premise of your idea is contact lense comfort. A contact lense could be designed to collect foreign objects in the eye. "Pac Man" [link] might be a suitable shape.
Amos Kito, Nov 06 2004

       //specialised materials//
What? Like the inside of the eyelid? Tweezers tiped with the inside of pig eyelids should do the trick.
ldischler, Nov 06 2004


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