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Eyes on your Fingers

All the better to see you with, my dear.....
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They have this implant that allows blind people to see. What they do is implant electrodes in your brain, and a sensor in the eye sends signals to the electrodes to stimulate the brain and create pictures. It's still experimental but it works.

What if we implanted the sensors on fingertips? I don't know why, but I think it would be awesome to have eyes on my fingers.

Easier to look behind furniture...

When you're fumbling behind something trying to grab a dropped object that you can't locate because you can't see it....

Peek around corners without people seeing you....

The possibilities are endless.

Of course, the technology would have to improve a bit to be as good as regular sight, but as I said, it's still in development. For those people that don't want implants in their fingertips, they can get a glove with the sensor.

DesertFox, Feb 02 2005

http://www-personal...bs/smseeinghand.jpg [half, Feb 03 2005]


       You'd never pick your nose or scratch yourself again.
Detly, Feb 03 2005


       Nice link half.
DesertFox, Feb 03 2005

       I think I've read all of Card's books. I don't remember that.
DesertFox, Feb 03 2005

       Wow, in poker you could see all the cards as you were dealing. But, playing the piano or typing would be sheer torture.
phundug, Feb 03 2005

       One doesn't use sight for playing the piano. Well, those for who it is innately imprinted, don't.
bristolz, Feb 03 2005

       Back in my auto mechanic days I always wished for this when I was working under dashboards.....but, ah, the exquisite agony when you slammed your finger in a door.   

       It's all good fun until somebody gets an eye put out.
normzone, Feb 03 2005


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