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Face Invader

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Underwear with a persons face printed life size on the inside.

You might have a crush on someone and in a voodoo good luck effort you have their face printed on the inside of your underpants.

You might despise someone like your boss and do the same making every effort to pass gas all day long.

Face orientation is subject to wearers preference prior to the printing process.

vfrackis, Oct 07 2009


kaz, Oct 07 2009

       this is what happened 21 i started out thinking of how a face could generate the experience of a "Face Invasion" I considered Slugworths face from the video tunnel in willie wonka and then I felt that there were just too many elevator ideas and mine was dumb, something made me think of making underwear from the same stuff that they make pine tree or cherry car air-fresheners out of and what that would feel like so I realized that there could be no more serious face invasion than literally having someones face in your pants all of the time pressed right up against your skin. thus Face Invaders   

       and here is another thing imagine wearing an image of your preferred mate in your underpants for good luck right, then the stars align and you get her into the bedroom where things are getting hot and heavy then suddenly she discovers her face printed in your underwear! How do you explain that? Now your in a situation.   

       Any product that offers the potential of supplying, under the right circumstances a life experience like that just deserves to exist.
vfrackis, Oct 08 2009

       I was thinking this would be little alien band-aid type pimple stickers. Y'know, battling face invaders.   

       //i started out thinking of how a face could generate the experience of a "Face Invasion"//   

       So the title came first did it? I don't know if this is [m-f-d] territory, but it's certainly bad form just to think up a pun and then tenuously build an idea around it. Check the help file:   

       pun - inventions generated by taking some existing phrase and rhyming with it or changing letters around. It's fine for an invention to be titled with a pun; it's a problem if (1) the title was there first, and (2) the only function of the invention is to justify the title.   

       First comes idea. Then comes pun.
theleopard, Oct 08 2009

       Anyone else think this almost seems a little [ben frost]-ian...
Jinbish, Oct 08 2009

       The idea is based on an experience not a pun read it all again. Feeling like peoples faces are too close to you is not a pun. A reversal of anxiety if you will. Have you ever had an anxiety attack while standing in a crowd of a few thousand people? or been too close to a friendly dog that decides to become angry, your face too close to the dog face?   

       the experience is valid, the idea is valid people would buy underpants with life sized faces printed on the inside just as quickly as they might purchase pants for their Monkey.   

       This idea also embodies two other concepts that are important. Good Luck Charms and Passive Aggressive Revenge
vfrackis, Oct 08 2009

       You said it yourself, you thought of "face invaders" (which is punning the classic arcade game and pickled onion maize snack) and then wanted to make an idea up around it.   

       I'm neutral on the idea, I don't think it's great, nor terrible, but your journey in composing it is not what this site is about. You can defend its worth until the cows come home, but of course the idea came after the pun, otherwise it wouldn't have morphed from elevators to underwear.
theleopard, Oct 08 2009

       you have a twisted mind [vfrackis]... [+]   

       She's really gonna be thrilled when she sees the juxtaposition between her mouth and the flap, too.   

... brassieres with hands printed on the inside of the cups.
... shorts with a picture of a boot on the inside rear to get you moving.
... socks with pictures of grass or a sandy beach.
... hat with a picture of a better hat on the inside.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2009

       The name face invader just happens to apply the thought process of face invasion came first but I have decided to let your small brain win.   

       Let me take this opportunity to apologize to you The Leopard for my failure to process my idea concepts in a format that you find appropriate and I should extend this apology to all those who traffic Half Bakery and especially you Jutta if I have offended you or effaced the strict brain function rules associated with posting ideas here well then I am deeply sorry.
vfrackis, Oct 08 2009

       [v] no need to insult [l], however since most of us couldn't give a flying Farnsworth how you came up with the idea, you could have prefaced your explanatory anno as being addressed to [21Q]   

       [l] reread that [help] paragraph with the phrase "logical operators" in mind; the idea isn't lame without the title (doesn't seem particularly connected to the title either but that's not the point)   

       You're both fined 1 croissant each.   

FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2009

       I agree 100% with the leopard. Face Invaders is a pun on space invaders no matter how you structure the idea or word your argument. //Generate the idea of a ''face invasion''// that's the biggest line of bullshit I've read in a while. Your cute little brain liked the phrase 'face invader' and it scrambled for a solution, accept it or perish!
daseva, Oct 08 2009

       Talk to the face [v]. It's right here <clutches crotch>
theleopard, Oct 08 2009

       this is a rough place man   

       should have gone with the air freshener underpants that's all
vfrackis, Oct 08 2009


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