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Freudian Slips

A dreadful pun and a stylish range of underwear all wrapped up in a single benfrostian package.
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For him:
A pair of white Y-fronts. The front stylishly decorated with a reproduction photograph of his mother wearing a baby-doll nightie.

For her:
Traditional white knickers sporting a photograph of her dad proudly displaying his well oiled six pack.
DrBob, Jan 12 2006

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squeak, Jan 12 2006

       Probably not what you want your maid to find when dusting between the mattresses at your local motel;   'specially if your folks are well known.
reensure, Jan 12 2006

       Great 21st birthday present... if you really hate the person.
Dub, Jan 12 2006

       <shudders> urrrrgggghhhh </shudders>
salachair, Jan 12 2006

       I think this is better suited as a form of birth control.
DVineMissEva, Jan 12 2006

       bun for the pun
Mr Phase, Jan 12 2006

       If I vote + for this, does it mean I like the idea, or is it so good that it makes me sick, thus necessitating fishbone it just so I never see it again?   

       Decisions, decisions...   

shapu, Jan 12 2006

       Weird and wrong. +
moomintroll, Jan 12 2006

       One substitute-phallic croissant for you.
Trickytracks, Jan 12 2006

       I feel some histrionics approaching. Thank god!
blissmiss, Jan 13 2006

       These are on sale right next to the range of Oedipal birthday cards. Exactly the same as normal birthday cards except that they release a fine mist of carcinogenic compounds when your father walks into the room, and in the text inside, in the words "Happy Birthday Mother, love from .....", the word "love" is underlined.
hippo, Jan 13 2006

       Given you a bun. I'm off to check out some teeny porn sites now - they'll make me feel less dirty.
wagster, Jul 03 2006

       benfrostian! hehehehehe . .
benfrost, Jul 05 2006

       How many Freudian psychoanalysts does it take to change a lightbulb?   

       Two - one to change the bulb, and the other to hold the peni- uh, ladder...
imaginality, Jul 07 2006

       I made a genuine one recently. Describing my garden over the 'phone, I said I'd made a trellis and planted sweet peas, hoping for a 'wall of pea-ness'. True story.
spidermother, Jul 07 2006

       30 croissants. My mum would be so proud!
DrBob, Jul 07 2006

       Do you have any sexy bras with a cigar print on them?   

       FYI, P-ness is actually the quality of being like the rapper Master P.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006

       there are actually now slips that have pictures of freud printed on them.
tcarson, Jul 10 2006

       Now how about a pair of Freudian slipcovers for those bountiful, naked pillows sitting on my couch?
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 15 2006

       I saw a girl at a halloween party in 2004 wearing Freudian slippers. I was Freud himself that year. Bun for memories.
sqykly, Feb 05 2007

       Shouldn't it be the other way around? *Her* garment would show *his* mother, and vice versa?
smendler, Jan 18 2011

       Or you could just have his garment emblazoned with "COME TO DADDY!"
smendler, Jan 18 2011

       Ahh. I think you are labouring under the assumption that 'him' and 'her' are a couple rather than, as intended, individual consumers who may or may not be acquainted.
DrBob, Jan 18 2011

       I believe the basic joke here can be traced back at least as far as Stephen Potter's 1950 book, 'Lifemanship' (see link). I forget which page has the relevant illustration.
pertinax, Jan 20 2011

       Really? Do go on!
DrBob, Jan 20 2011


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