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Face Messenger

get paid instantly to be a walking billboard
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short on cash? walk into a face messenger booth press your face up against the face printer have an advertisement printed on your forehead. The ink washes off but takes some work. The machine dispenses cash once printing is complete.

how does it work well I see it as a combination of an ATM interactive kiosk, a bunch of sensors so that it cant be tricked and a form of robotics S&M skull grabber with a printer

vfrackis, Dec 05 2009

Ad Pioneer http://www.trendhun...cher-is-ad-it-again
[leinypoo13, Dec 05 2009]


       Anything for an extra buck when I need it. +
Sparkyplugclean, Dec 05 2009

       It'll pay similarly to google adwords. In other words you'll just get a face full of ink and 0.5c for your troubles.   

       On the other hand, I would happily pay very small amounts of money to persuade people to print the words of my choice onto their face.   

       "Please lick my nose!"   

wagster, Dec 05 2009

       //a bunch of sensors so that it cant be tricked   

       Won't people just drag in their recently deceased relatives to get the cash?
leinypoo13, Dec 05 2009

       "FM5000 has detected that this is not your face. Please turn around and stand up."
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2009

       There have been various facial tattoo advertising schemes, that generally end in tears (and lawsuits), but a temporary one with interesting challenges to counter gets my vote[+].   

       Sadly facial recognition software might cause some people to be rejected on the basis that they fall in the wrong demographic for any advert ...
Aristotle, Dec 06 2009

       A psalm on the cheekbones might irritate the &%#* out of some people.
outloud, Dec 06 2009

       I think you'll find the phenomena is that people *won't* look at someone with something printed on their face. The same applies to 'disheveled' and 'raving'.
rcarty, Dec 11 2009


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