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Facebook Vacation

A national holiday to last several years
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Even though the word "staycation" was word of the year in like 1998, I am still using that word every four sentences this August to tell everyone I know what I am doing with my two weeks vacation. This idea started as another possible way I could have spent my vacation this year.

I thought about the possibility of trying to make physical contact with as many as possible of my 1200 facebook friends.

If the googleable internet was the first 15 years of the internet and Social networking has been the last 10 years, then maybe the next 7 years should be off line, preferably not called the maker movement, and somehow connected to the previous iteration. So maybe a Facebook vacation becomes a several year job where you make physical real world contact with all of your social networking acquaintances and somehow spin that experience into a job, perhaps by actually exchanging pheromones/energy with all of these real people.

JesusHChrist, Aug 09 2014

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       // physical real world contact with all of your social networking acquaintances //   


       "The horror .... the horror ....   

8th of 7, Aug 09 2014

       Take some spray paint - you could then actually go and write stuff on their walls.
hippo, Aug 09 2014


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