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Photo booths for the digital age
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Create photo printing kiosks in shopping centres/malls, stations, airports etc, which are connected to the web and allow users to print out their images from any social network site like Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc.
adtyler, Jan 29 2008


       (Oh. I thought these were booths that would allow any person to walk in and *make* a site in one of those social networking things.)   

       Pictures on social networking sites are the same as pictures anywhere else on the web. Other than the pun, why refer in any way to social networking? It's a network-connected computer and a printer. They have lots of uses.   

       Would the printed photos come out on the outside of the booth, in a 1x4 strip about 2 inches wide, 10 inches long?
jutta, Jan 29 2008

       "...why refer in any way to social networking?"
Money. If the kiosk and social site are in cahoots, they can drive business to each other. Otherwise the kiosk is just a free(?) Internet connection.
phoenix, Jan 29 2008

       Flickr already has relationships with other commercial sites that enable you to have your photos printed in a variety of ways. Adding kiosks in malls and suchlike seems like a logical extension.   

       I have long thought that all those places that have lost their 1-hour photo customers to digital cameras should be offering services like this. (There's something to be said for getting a print delivered to your hands, rather than sent through the mail, after all.)
DrCurry, Jan 29 2008

       thanks for the comments...   

       the photos could come out in any size, it doesn't really matter.   

       The name may not be ideal but it got your attention, didn't it?   

       Yes DrCurry, taking your thought further, I agree and think there is room on the UK high st (and perhaps in other countries too) for a modern (digital only) photo developing service - they could be filled with little terminals that hook up to all the photo sharing sites and social networks. Snappy Snaps is so 1990's.
adtyler, Jan 29 2008

       Add in the ability to print any photo that is SMS'd to it and it would be a hit. Girls go to mall, take photos with phone, send the picks to booth, then enter booth, enter sending phone number and credit card for billing and get instant pictures. You'd get rich.
MisterQED, Jan 29 2008

       I thought something like this would work well for You Tube. Folks deposit money, step inside the booth and record a couple minutes worth of video, which is then uploaded to Youtube.com, and the web link for the video is printed on a card which is dispensed in a little slot (or sent to the user's email, perhaps).   

       It wouldn't surprise me if this already exists - due to the search terms it's practically impossible to google it.
tatterdemalion, Jul 02 2012


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