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Widget that connects photographer with customer phone
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Onsite event photography doesn't really do digital yet. You can get a print done there-and-then, but it's not common post-crisis, it's expensive, and you get a physical photo that you can't easily share via your phone.

So I propose a widget with bluetooth, wifi, 3g internet and card readers which allows the photographer to give the customer a copy of their photo on their phone. Connection methods: 1. they can enable bluetooth and have it auto-discover them 2. snap a 2d barcode which takes them to the URL of the photo 3. friend the photographer on facebook (ideally in the queue) and get sent some kind of message (could be good with per-event accounts). Could find the page again via 2d barcode 4. send a text (premium?) to a number and get the photo back

I think the barcode+short url on a sticker/in a text would win (on the back of a 6x4 print?), as the target page can have facebook etc integration. Buy high-res versions via this page for asynchronous sales.

The widget could easily be created with a Raspberry pi and a usb touchscreen.

imagin8or, Jul 18 2012


       or they can attach a USB cable between camera and phone.
FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2012

       Only if the phone has USB on-the-go, and the camera has usb mass storage mode, and you don't mind directly connecting your entire camera and storage to some random person's phone with no safety net.   

       iPhone doesn't have any kind of USB port, let alone OTG or an app to download from a client device.
imagin8or, Jul 18 2012

       Do professional photographers share the digital image? I got the impression that they sold only prints, to get revenue from each copy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2012

       I was thinking a lower reasonable res version could go on their phone, and the full res (or print) available to buy on the site.
imagin8or, Jul 18 2012


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