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Add Red Eye

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Add Red Eye is the exact opposite of the "remove red eye" filter that is a feature in many programmes like iPhoto.

As the name suggests, instead of removing the dreaded red eye caused by flash photography, it adds it in. This is because in many cases, the addition of red eye can make for a really great pic. (like the one I'm going to upload in the link of two of my fab students)

xenzag, May 20 2013

Fabulous Red Eyed Louise https://picasaweb.g...5880196386016002018
[xenzag, May 20 2013]


       Remember when vignetting was a malfunction? What about light leaks, washed blacks and lens flairs?   

       Once the red eye phenomenon is corrected in modern cameras, it will become cherished.   

       Red eyes will have their day, and you heard it here first.[+]
fishboner, May 21 2013

       Why limit it to red? I would like to see purple, white and zombie eyes, too! [+]
xandram, May 22 2013

       //Once the red eye phenomenon is corrected in modern cameras, it will become cherished//   

       "real" photographers will scorn the use of artificial red eye, and will use vintage digital point-and-shoots to get the authentic red eye that their shots deserve.
erenjay, May 24 2013


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