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Copy Right Photo Recreation

I like the look of your stripes.
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Residents of Abbey Road in St Johns Wood, London, get a lot of pedestrian traffic with people trying to recreate the famous Beatles' album cover.

I propose a kit for this (and other famous photos) which has a roll out map showing everyone where they need to put their feet, together with where the camera should be set up, which lense to use (+digital equivalents) etc. When used with a blue background and the accompanying blank scene photograph, you can recreate the artwork from the comfort of your own home.

P.S. ideal for quirky wedding photos

neilp, Jan 25 2006

"Wish you were here" customised greeting card? http://pink-floyd.r...bums/wish/cover.jpg
Might need to include a fire extinguisher... [lukecleland, Jan 25 2006]

Photo Jix http://photojix.com...php?products_id=124
Baked! [krelnik, Jan 25 2006]


       [lukecleland] that would be a very quirky wedding photo.
neilp, Jan 25 2006

       Already baked! See link.
krelnik, Jan 25 2006


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