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Factory takeover

let's see who is more efficient
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In the Marxist takeover to come*, capital will be distributed to the proletariat.

But until then, what would please the sheeple?

I propose capital take turns in who manages it. A bunch of liberals who think they can do better, give them the keys to the factory and see if they can run the factory more efficiently and fairly than the capitalists.

If they can be more effficient, then perhaps the capitalists can learn some thing.

By the way, this is tongue in cheek as I'm not a marxist.

* Get with the programme. The marxist takeover is in progress.

chronological, Jun 28 2020

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It's easier to change the global economic system than to change yourself. [sninctown, Jun 28 2020]


       Employee owned factories are not what this idea is about.   

       This idea is about taking _existing_ owned factories and giving them to assorted riffraf to manage on their behalf to see if they can do it better.
chronological, Jun 28 2020

       Taking, or purchasing? If the former, they would likely face legal action. if the latter, where does the money come from?
pocmloc, Jun 28 2020


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