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Fairway grenades

...or the golf green berets.
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A c-4 packed golf ball has a mercury switch which triggers a secondary electrical switch when impacted at high velocity by a club with the appropriate RDIF tag. The secondary electrical switch is activated by the concussion of the ball striking the ground or target.

A hole in one...every time.

Hole in one! http://www.youtube....watch?v=9jKfxlvPswk
[K o R, Sep 21 2006]

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       You'll need top-notch golfers to test it, and you'll probably lose a few before the de-bouncing of the switches is perfected. But that's the part I like best.
HaltAndCatchFire, May 08 2006

       What?! No custard-bluetooth-GPS plug-in for pin-point corrdinated-strikes?
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

       [+] Have you played Pangya by any chance? Exploding golf balls are one of the trademark shots (no craters though)
K o R, Sep 17 2006

       Never hoid of it.   


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