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Paintball Golf

Less power, more finesse
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Pretty simple to say: golf played with paintballs instead of golf balls. Breaking the ball counts as a stroke (and can be quite spectacular), and you play a new ball from the same spot as the old one.

You'll have to be very careful and gentle with your swings in order to keep from just splattering the ball on the spot, and the rough might be strategically advantageous as it provides a softer landing. It also balances out between the sexes quite well--any percieved strength advantage is largely useless against the fragile paintball. Clubs might be redesigned to have soft heads to gently "lift and throw" the ball instead of hitting it.

Naturally there will be a regulation yield strength to the balls, to prevent people cheating with extra-tough paintballs.

5th Earth, Feb 02 2006

Exploding golf ball http://www.fakecrap...ding_golf_ball.html
It uses white powder, but no reason you couldn't use colors [ldischler, Feb 03 2006]


       Another incentive would be to avoid staining your white pants and argyle socks.
Jscotty, Feb 02 2006

       Would the 'green' still be grass or somthing that looked more interesting with splashes of paint on it?
xandram, Feb 02 2006

       I assume the "paint" will be made of something more eco-friendly and less permanant, correct? If so, sounds like fun to me! =)
pigonthewing, Feb 02 2006

       I'm sure new course surfaces could be used for visual and strategic effect. Ditto eco-friendly paint--unless, of course, you prefer using balls filled with radioactive orphaned baby badger blood. ;)
5th Earth, Feb 02 2006

       can there be a nitro-cap embedded in some of the golf balls to assist with detonation, and to factor in a "Russian roulette" component?
xenzag, Feb 03 2006

       <rubs chin> Russian roulette golf, you say? Hmmm </rc>
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2006

       Personally I'm not so sure about the random element--takes some of skill out, you know? But that doesn't mean there can't be a variation of the game.
5th Earth, Feb 03 2006

       New hazards: cactus field, porcupine farm
Worldgineer, Feb 03 2006

       [pigonthewing], the balls will be filled with fertilizer.
normzone, Feb 03 2006

       I play paintball ([pigonthewing] the paintballs that are made now are completely edible, although they do taste nasty) One thing though i must say i was disappointed i thought that you would use your marker (paintball gun) to shoot the golf balls at the holes. But the paintballs could be strengthened a little due to the fact that they are made to brake and newer one you can break with two fingers. Ill give some links to guns and paintballs.
toomer34, Feb 04 2006


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