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Fake Guard Dog

SImilar in operation to another posted idea I've seen before, created for an entirely different purpose, but I can't find it.
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This idea is for those who want the deterrent capability of a large dog, but don't have enough time, space, or food for a real dog.

It's a device that mounts just inside a window, with an infrared motion-sensor outside, hidden from sight. Upon detecting an intruder in the lawn, a loudspeaker inside the window lets loose with a recording of a German Shepard (sp?) wildly barking, and the special device turns on.

The special device consists of two arm-like things shaped like a dog's paw, with felt padding and short, plastic nails. They slap at the window and scratch their way down, repeatedly, the plastic nails just soft enough not to scratch the window.

A bright spot-light on the sill outside serves dual purposes. In addtition to looking like a normal security light, the glare prevents the intruder from getting a good look at the "dog" and seeing that there's nothing really there.

21 Quest, Dec 26 2006


       How exactly is this different from the dog statues with IR sensors and barking dog recordings?

       Oh... the moving parts. hmm...
ye_river_xiv, Dec 27 2006

       I have yet to be afraid of a dog while intruding. A slab of meat usualy does the trick.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 27 2006

       Do you have a backup plan in case you encounter one of those dogs that's actually trained not to accept food from strangers? And don't say a gun, because claiming that you can accurately hit a fast-moving black dog in a dark room is simply preposterous (sp?).

       And, while there are always exceptions to every rule (you claim to be an exception to almost every rule, based on most of your annos on other ideas), most thieves are deterred by the presence of a dog. Hell, most run away and pick a different house if a single light comes on.
21 Quest, Dec 27 2006

       I can accurately hit a fast moving dog, black, white or agouti in a dark room with a derringer behind my back, twice, and have. Even a tiny one. But I would be fazed if after pumping a few rounds into said dog, he continued to bark and scratch the window unfazed. One could only conclude it was a zombie dog, or worse a cyborg dog (again, shades of Snow Crash). As regards my slab of meat, I have been able to shuffle around the house once the dog latched onto it but overall it has not been a good solution for the involved parties.
bungston, Dec 27 2006


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