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Fake animal costumes for animals

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Suit 1 is a simple stick-on zip which goes on the front from the next to groin area, and an "Acme Bear Suit, size XXL" label.

Smokey can now emerge from the forest and go do some bar-hopping, secure in the knowledge that no one will realise he (or she) is actually a real bear.

The a4mentioned bear can sample the delights of the human world possibly even to the extent of paying taxes and the single transferable voting system.

Suit 2 is remarkably similar, butl fits onto a lion, so when they get bored of chasing gazelles they can just slope off to the butchers and go buy some meat.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 07 2015

Animal Costume https://www.youtube...watch?v=YoB8t0B4jx4
[AusCan531, Apr 08 2015]


       [+] for the image of a cat or small dog, dressed up as a baby, running (on all fours) at incredible speed or jumping.
FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2015

       Critters need pockets so they can carry their money and cellphones and tracking transmitters.
lurch, Apr 07 2015

       [FT] Nice image, me like. How about the tail, though?
cudgel, Apr 07 2015

       ^ pants, butt-pack; there needs to be fake lower legs, which drag along the ground, too.
FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2015

       I don't know if I could bear this.
normzone, Apr 07 2015

       I thought this was going to be about animals costumed as other animals, not as humans (although of course we do qualify as "other animals").
Vernon, Apr 08 2015

       Has been done [Link]
AusCan531, Apr 08 2015

       What [Vernon] said!
xandram, Apr 08 2015

       This idea, and it's sub-clawses could easily be taken too fur.
normzone, Apr 09 2015

       This idea is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing ... [+]
8th of 7, Apr 09 2015

       I like this idea but this is dangerous ground.   

       Imagine the position this places your standard animal loving, naturally perverted and desperate/lonely human in. These animal costumes may cause them to see their best friend in a different way... and possibly bridge their behavior to the more intimate side of animal loving.   

       just saying it seems dangerous, especially for those people who live on the edge of something and might not be exactly aware that they do.
vfrackis, Apr 10 2015


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