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Flea Propeller Jacket

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Create havoc in a crowded space with Flea Propeller Jacket. As the name suggests, this is a jacket that sprays a fog of hungry fleas outwards upon activation.

The fleas are carefully pre-loaded into hundreds of tiny paddocks attached to the exterior surface of the garment.

A single container of compressed air is connected to the back each of the paddocks via a system of tubes built into the lining of the jacket.

At the flick of a pocket concealed switch, the paddock doors simultaneously all swing open, and a single blast of the compressed air propels a cloud of the voracious fleas in every direction.

At this point it's best if the jacket wearer beats a rapid retreat from the midst of the crowd, unless the sneaky camouflaged paddocks version has been used.

xenzag, Jan 17 2016


       Very useful for crowds in places like Black Friday sales. Shoot your load and wait for a few minutes as the crowd disperses, then go back and get those cheaper items.
AngelEleven, Jan 17 2016

       Maybe you don't really know what halfbaked means?
xenzag, Jan 18 2016


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