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Faked Fake Products

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China is awash with fake products. I recently read of a fake Apple store that was so convincing that even its employees thought they were working for Apple.

We all know that fakes are worthless, and it's usually fairly easy to tell the real ones from the phonies, but this idea takes that process one step further by faking the fakes.

For example: this means that your fairly obviously fake Rolex has actually really been made by Rolex to imitate the fake one.

Now you have the advantage of both worlds. You can experience all of the foolish pride in owning a prestige product, and laugh up your sleeve at those who think that it's just a cheap fake.

You can take extra satisfaction in knowing that the obvious flaws were in fact individually crafted by skilled technicians (Swiss of course) to a high degree of specificity and accuracy, as exact copies of the cheap and nasty Chinese fakes.

xenzag, Jul 29 2011

Apple Stoer (sic) http://www.huffingt...tores_n_904409.html
love the word "stoer" [xenzag, Jul 29 2011]

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       But people will struggle to tell the difference between a Fake Fake and the inevitable Fake Fake Fake.
hippo, Jul 29 2011

       Nothing like some recursive humour on the HB.
theleopard, Jul 29 2011

       Is that real recursive humour or fake recursive humour? Or...
sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 29 2011

       //We all know that fakes are worthless//

The best watch I ever had was a fake Rolex.
DrBob, Jul 29 2011

       // laugh up your sleeve at those who think that it's just a cheap fake //   


       There is much amusement to be gained from taking a high-performance car or bike, or uprating a standard version of same, and simultaneously ensuring that said vehicle displays absolutely no evidence of being other than the lowest-powered base model; concealed dual exhausts, badge and trim removal/replacement, etc.   

       The look on a BMW-driver's face when he's chased and rapidly overtaken by an elderly short-wheelbase Land Rover (which just happens to have a twin-turbo short block fuel-injected Rover 3.5 V8, delivering about 250 BHP, dropped in to replace the standard 2.2litre 65BHP powerplant) is worth every moment of the time and effort.   

       Certainly there would be great amusement to be had if high performance cars were available with a bodykit to make them look like a cheap knock-off of some poxy little hatchback.   

       The same might be true of other devices.   

       Tentative [+]
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       Does this apply to breast implants?
xandram, Jul 29 2011

       [bigs], we'll send it recorded delivery.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2011

       My wife and I have a Hi-Def LCD TV with the brand-name 'Sova.' It came free with a package of DVDs intended to be played in veterinary waiting rooms, only the repetetive pet-care programs made the receptionists claw thier own eyeballs out and run screaming into the streets, so Dad gave it to us. The thing is, the aspect ratios are off; the widescreen setting is slightly too narrow, and the 4:3 setting is slightly too wide. But what hey, it was free.   

       Conclusion of barely-relevant anecdote.
Alterother, Jul 29 2011

       250 BHP? That's not even bringing a knife to a gun fight, that's showing up with a plastic spork.
RayfordSteele, Aug 01 2011

       //Does this apply to breast implants?//   

       That would imply... somehow getting your body's own breast tissue to feel more like silicone. I daresay [nineteenthly] can suggest something herbal that'll do that, but it sounds tricky to me.
pertinax, Aug 02 2011

       //getting your body's own breast tissue to feel more like silicone//
I shall selflessly nominate myself to the judging panel.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 02 2011

       So...these items would be taken out of a store in a nice little carrier bag labelled "Genuine Fake".
Ling, Aug 02 2011

       //rapidly overtaken by an elderly short-wheelbase Land Rover//   

       A friend of mine said that he was feeling a little poor so was trying to drive his Mk. 2 Jag economically. Cruising along the motorway not particularly quickly, he found himself being overtaken by four nuns in a 2CV.
TomP, Aug 02 2011

       I guess I had it wrong about *fake* breasts. I thought I was to put the fake ones over my real ones...to imitate implants they'd be called outplants.
xandram, Aug 03 2011

       With breast implants, you have them implanted, whilst pretending they are natural. Fake implants would presumably be where you don't actually have any, but you brag about how expensive your implants were. So, fake fake implants would perhaps be where you don't have any, and you ostentatiously “pretend” that they are natural. No, really natural! Honest!
pocmloc, Aug 03 2011


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