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Fall-Protection Collar

hopefully prevent concussions...
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It occurs to me that a rapidly-inflatable coat collar with an accelerometer and gyroscope ought to be able to detect a condition in which one has become inadvertently horizontally oriented in midair and deploy to prevent one from smacking the back of one's head on ice and/or experiencing whiplash from a collar which is almost but not quite padded enough. That is all.

Does anyone have any tylenaofbsgaifvejakfbeholruav?

21 Quest, Dec 30 2013

Hovding http://www.hovding.com/en/how_it_works/
[JesusHChrist, Dec 30 2013]


       // Does anyone have any tylenaofbsgaifvejakfbeholruav? //

       I do not, but try smacking your big toe with a drilling hammer four or five times. It does wonders to relieve headache pain.

       And Frabba be with you.
Alterother, Dec 30 2013

       Hmm, not a scarf idea.
swimswim, Dec 30 2013

       That hövding link is pretty neat. I think I've seen it before on the HB. I wonder if the crash sensing algorithm would allow it to work while walking.
21 Quest, Dec 30 2013

       so what happens when you sneeze ?

       Might I suggest a manual switch as well, for dislodging people that fall asleep on you on the bus.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2013

       //and Frabba be with you// Forward Rate Agreement on British Bankers' Association ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2013

       Short for Goozfrabba, Holy Church of.
Alterother, Dec 30 2013

       Winter is cold enough to wear helmets and obviously there is some reasonable fear of head injury so why not winter helmets? A big soft warm padded helmet wouldn't be so bad, it would look no more cumbersome than a hood.
rcarty, Dec 30 2013

       Gooooozfrabba to you, Brother Alterother.
21 Quest, Dec 30 2013

       [+] I like this. Considering how much technology we have these days that could possibly solve the "falling to death problem", Im surprised this isnt a very active area of research and engineering.
leinypoo13, Jan 01 2014


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