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coat picker

just like mom!
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The coat picker knows what the weather is like. It will only give you a coat that is right for the weather, just like mom. Using thermometer, barometer, and information from digital weather networks it knows that you need a rain coat, extra sweater AND a hat. The coats are in a cabinet that only lets you get at the right one (think giant sliding metal doors...) -- Never again will I try to be fashionable and end up cold. Mom would never let that happen... and neither will my coat picker.

Technology is the cure for lack of common sense.

futurebird, Dec 26 2002


       Caught that storm's fury, did ya?
thumbwax, Dec 26 2002

       I got so cold that now I'm scared to go out there again. Two days ago I was in shorts!
futurebird, Dec 26 2002

       I've been wearing my parka for the last couple of weeks, hoping to kick start winter into delivering a bit of snow for Christmas, sort of an (if I wear it, it will come, gesture). No dice.   

       No snow either.   

       It's good in theory, but I'd like a failsafe option to get at alternative coats. What if it's cold outside, but you're on your way to a funeral? You don't want to turn up in a day-glo Parka and bobble hat.
kpx, Dec 27 2002

       Like the corpse is going to remember?
thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       Does this contraption have a feature for threading mittens tied together with elastic through your sleeves?
friendlyfire, Dec 27 2002

       Flew from Florida to NY on the 24th (boy are my arms tired) It was like being hit in the face with a snow shovel. I'm still skeered to go out the house
senatorjam, Dec 27 2002

       Flew from Seattle to NY on the 21st. (took a plane...let my arms rest this time...) Got snowed in, but I didn't have anywhere important to go anyway, so I went out and built a snowman. Then when the plows came through, I dug out and went sledding with some old friends (haven't done that since I was a teenager). At the end of the day, I was cold, wet, and exhausted. It was great! I had almost forgotten how much I love NY winters.
Freefall, Dec 28 2002

       To be funtional in my climate (Colorado), the coat picker would have to follow the weather forecasts and know that although it's 64 degrees and sunny with a light breeze right now, the temperature will drop 40 degrees in the next 2 hours and by the time i leave work, there will be 4 inches of snow on the ground... Plus i do tend to select which outerwear i use based on what else i'm wearing and where i'm headed as well as the current weather...
firelynx, Jan 28 2003

       just got back from australia last week. had to fly for 24 hours to go save my brother who ran out of money, got beat up and landed in hospital in melbourne. idiot. stupid thing is that i got on the plane on the way back with my big 3/4 length jacket on, and forgot to take it off. i had a window seat and the couple blocking me in fell asleep, so i couldn't get the damn thing of until i reached singapore about 12 hours later. man, was i sweaty. it was humid in singapore so much more sweating ensued, followed by a further 12 hours back to england. god, i stunk. i'm on board with your idea.
sambwiches, Jan 28 2003

       Singapore? Humid? You must be kidding.
bristolz, Jan 28 2003

       sarcasm or a question? i can't decide.
sambwiches, Jan 28 2003

       A simple variant - How about a breathalyser in the door of your clothes cupboard. Cue robotic voice "I can already smell the drink on your breath. If you wear that nice jacket you'll just cover it in red wine before leaving in some bar." The coathangers are weight sensitive and wired to switches for the front door lock, etc. Would have come in handy last week.
weedy, Jan 29 2003


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