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Fallen Eyebrows

I'm not sure what to expect with this idea.
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Eyebrows are really short. I think that some people would find it fashionable to have long eyebrows.

Hair transplants from your head to your eyebrows would grow long hair. The hair would hang, or FALL in front.

Not only would it look different, it would open up a number of new fashion accessories.

I mean, who has braided eyebrows?

DesertFox, Jan 27 2005

Denis Healey http://www.autograp...acatalog/HIS930.JPG
[calum, Jan 27 2005]

Parallel 9 http://www.paulmorr...ds/parallelnine.htm
featuring Mercator, proud possessor of very long eyebrows [calum, Jan 27 2005]

(?) Eyebrows http://www.anima.de...azing-eyebrows2.jpg
[skinflaps, Jan 27 2005]

Monobrow http://www.monobrow.com/monobro/
vaguely relevant [calum, Jan 27 2005]

(?) The Monarch http://metallic-fro...arch/monarch_18.jpg
I'd wear mine like this. [jaksplat, Feb 19 2005]


       most old men seem to find it fashionable
benfrost, Jan 27 2005

       There is the obvious "I can't see!" issue, but that is avoidable and never stopped eighties pop stars growing fringes that hung like face-curtains. Maybe braid them at the outside end or gel them and spike them.
wagster, Jan 27 2005

       You've obviously never seen Andy Rooney.
JeremiahBritt, Jan 27 2005

       I already thought of braiding, but I forgot about spiking them.   


       Eyebrow mo-hawks?
DesertFox, Jan 27 2005

       A godsend for completely bald men: the eyebrow comb-over.
brodie, Jan 27 2005

       braid the long eyebrow hair into your natural hairline - very very tightly -for an instant facelift.
po, Jan 27 2005

       I'd love to see this done, just for laughs. Good call on the comb over, [brodie].
Machiavelli, Jan 27 2005

       Transplant pubic hair so it curls at the base of the schnozzle.
FarmerJohn, Jan 27 2005

       //A godsend for completely bald men: the eyebrow comb-over//   

       Grampa, will my forehead disappear too when I get old like you?
Pericles, Jan 27 2005

       the schnozzle?
benfrost, Feb 20 2005

       I'm very impressed with this idea. Hairdressing is geting quite repetitive these days what with the comeback of the mullet. This could unleash a whole hoard of ideas and create hundreds of jobs!! Not only does it make fashion sense, it also makes economic sense!
Mim, Feb 20 2005


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