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Hair qua Beard

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Consider the woman. Only the fortunate few, like that Mexican painter lady, can muster up a decent crop of facial hair. But many women grow their head hair very long. Some arrange it in braids and quoits and such - but almost always these hang down in back. Also, some men are unable, by mishap or constitutional defect, to grow beards and many of these also grow long head hair by way of compensation.

I propose that hair from the head could be braided such that the braids, two each from left and right, connect in front of the face: one under the one and one below the lower lip. Hairs from the braids would there be released from the braid to hang down in a facsimile of a beard.

Such an arrangement would be all natural and reversible, and would extend the benefits of beardedness to those who until now had to suffer along without.

bungston, Jun 06 2008

This one? http://www.karlsruh...
[Giblet, Jun 06 2008]

Or this one? http://www.anniebet...al%20pics/frida.jpg
[Giblet, Jun 06 2008]

Not this one..... http://www.artbyrls...s/MEXICAN_WOMAN.JPG
[Giblet, Jun 06 2008]


Voice, Jun 06 2008

       Beards are unhygenic, and often make the wearer look like a right twit (C.F. Commander William Riker). [-]
8th of 7, Jun 06 2008

       Frida, meet Google. Google, Frida. *eye roll*
Noexit, Jun 06 2008


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