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goatee templates

strap a style on and shave around it
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I Will sometimes shave my whiskers into a goatee. Invariably I screw up the shape several times, having to go back and trim here and there to get an acceptable look. Sometimes, I never achieve the desired shape and screw it up beyond all hope. Having to scrap the whole idea and just shave it all off and wait until the next time it reaches an optimum goatee shave-down length. I believe that a template set that you could choose a style from and strap on to shave around, would eliminate this problem by allowing a man to shave a perfectly symmetrical goatee every time.
hard-scrabble, Nov 17 2002

Name That Beard http://www.beardsha...om/BeardTypes1.html
facial hair styles [hollajam, Oct 04 2004]

The scourge... http://www.seethru..../ticklist/craig.htm
that is Craig David. [sild, Oct 04 2004]

Goatee Saver (Flash website) http://www.goateesaver.com/
Adjustable plastic template; bite down on handle to hold to face while shaving. [jutta, Jul 06 2008]


       Hmmm.. not sure that would really work with the plethora of different face shapes around.. although, perhaps that only makes the market bigger.
yamahito, Nov 17 2002

       Can't you just draw it out with a marker pen before you start?
DrCurry, Nov 17 2002

       Brilliant! Not just for goatees, but any facial (or body) hair.
snarfyguy, Nov 17 2002

       Bikini wax templates . . . .
bristolz, Nov 17 2002

       : { -
thumbwax, Nov 17 2002

       How about stencils you could put on your body when getting a tan. It would be sort of like a temporary tatoo.
defacto, Nov 17 2002

       defacto, been there, done that. The annotation must've disappeared, though. This summer someone here commented on having a 'crucifix tan,' and so I got the brilliant idea of using some black tape to form a little 1" cross on my chest while sunbathing... It's still there, just barely.
RayfordSteele, Nov 17 2002

       A couple of days ago I saw a young man with perfect hairy lightning bolts extending from the Elvis parts of his face to under his chin where they met. It was fascinating. I'm sure he must have had help. They were trimmed to approx Don Johnson length x 2 for best effect. He was selling ice-creams, and I would have bought one just to get a better look had I not already been half way through a mega moro bar.
Helium, Nov 18 2002

       [yam], the facial shape wouldn't be so much of a problem as long as symmetry was obtained. Being a hairyface myself, I'd go for this. :{ >   

       Combining this and defacto's idea, I have visions of hairy bodied men parading up and down the the beach with all-over Maori style body hair trimmings.
egbert, Nov 18 2002

       Bearded men! Yay!
madradish, Nov 18 2002

       Templates could be made with multiple pattern lines for trimming or "punching out" to customize. I've always liked goatees but I can understand why some men would just not bother with them.   

       Reminds me of a tag game with my father that crossed into serious territory the summer I was ten . I woke up with a note hanging from the ceiling to just above my face stating, "Frito Bandito-ed!," and signed with our mustache of "Zorro" mark. I thought he was clever for tagging me by proxy before getting out of bed. A few moments later I saw my refection in the bathroom mirror. I had "Zorro's" mustache on my upper lip in black indelible marker no less. Not a good day for a ten year old girl. Wouldn't trade it for anything now.
hollajam, Nov 18 2002

       I hear Craig David has thousands of these.   

sild, Nov 18 2002

       Oh Yes. It baffled me for years how Beppe from Eastenders managed to keep his goatee free from errors. He MUST have had someone shaving him every day. I merely have sideburns and am regularly reduced to shaving them right up in line with my ear due to over-zealous shaving mistakes.   

       Some sort of sideburn stencil would go down well.
ChewTheBeef, Nov 18 2002

       [sild] and [Rods Tiger], are Bo and Selectra, goatees? Or...my second guess?
hollajam, Nov 18 2002

       This could open up whole new worlds of facial topiary - I've long wondered how well asymetric beards, for example, would be accepted.   

       Consider the "gemini" - the moustache meets the right-hand sideburn but not the left-hand, and the goatee meets the left but not the right. If I could draw even half as well as FarmerJohn, I would provide a sketch.   

       Or the "Number 6", whereby there is goatee, 'tache and right-hand sidey, but no leftie.   

       Or the "Number 9" (like a #6, but leftie instead of rightie).   

       (hollajam) Listen to the song "Rewind" by immaculate beard wearer Craig David, which features prominently the lyric "Bo Selecta".
friendlyfire, Nov 18 2002

       Let's do calisthenic beards then.
hollajam, Nov 18 2002

       not sure if someone has slipped something in my coffee today but it just occurred to me that a wagging beard (perhaps in time to music - or to indicate mood) would be a pretty neat party trick.
po, Nov 18 2002

       As a proud DIYer, I must offer my humble suggestions:

       1. Make plaster cast of (lower half of?) shaven face
2. Demarcate interior surfaces as for desired unshaven shapes
3. Remove unmarked material
4. Affix straps or low-grade adhesive (rubber cement or similar)
5. Apply to face
6. Shave exposed areas

       Vee-hola, you have your goatee, and with a bit of care, possibly shaven to within .025" tolerance each morning.
absterge, Nov 18 2002

       Got to quibble with that 6 there absterge. Wouldn't you just shut your eyes and get a pal to hurl a bucket of depilatory lotion at you?
General Washington, Nov 18 2002

       That would require me to shave my current : { > off - no can do.
thumbwax, Nov 18 2002

       But General, then you wouldn't be doing it for your elf.
absterge, Nov 18 2002

       This is SOooo shindogu, (+)   

       You are absolutely right. I sit myself back down.
General Washington, Nov 19 2002

       Saw a guy once with a perfect Fred Flintstone face shaved onto the back of his head.
ty6, Nov 19 2002

       My aunt was telling me the other day (on remarking on my extensive & then well-groomed sideburns) how she saw some device similar to this on a shopping channel. Apparently there was some kind of headband-style affair whose prongs came down either side of the face, onto which the templates were attached.   

       I always follow the advice given me by my barber: measure it from the jaw, not the ears, 'cause yr ears are rarely level.
-alx, Nov 19 2002

       Yip. The trick is not to waggle them whilst shaving.
-alx, Nov 19 2002

       i cant see what is soo damn attractive about facial hair. impossible to kiss a guy without getting a rash. sorry boys, but this is a no go
ShnargleMonster, Mar 03 2003

       I've got no evidence for this but has anyone else noticed how the vast majority of 4x4 drivers have moustaches? Taking into account the results of a survey that I read somewhere that said that more than half of 4x4 drivers have an inferiority complex, I wondered if there was a connection between novelty facial hair, (goatees, moustaches etc.) and the type of vehicle that they drive. Or, do people buy the 4x4 and then grow a moustache?   

       Also, after asking around a bit, it seems that most women, the ones I know anyway, seemed to think that a lot of 'cute blokes' ruin it for themselves by growing pubic hair all over their faces.
briandamage, Mar 04 2003

       I grew a beard because I didn't like shaving. I keep it because I look better with it. I only need to impress one woman, and she's recently told me she's always preferred tall, meaty, clean shaven men.   

       She knew what she was getting when she married me.
egbert, Mar 04 2003

       WOW! I just wrote a new one called the "Laser Beard Sculptor"! How weird is THAT!?
emlyn, May 30 2003


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