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Falling Dream Simulation Bed

Bed drops out from under you at random while you slumber unawares.
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"This bed can be elevated against high resistance to several feet above the ground. The high tensile steel bands may creak and groan beneath the mattress" read the happy couple from the manual as they lay in the bed before drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly out of nowhere they awoke to the oldies station playing on their radio alarm clock! It's been weeks since they bought the stupid bed, and still no falling dream simulation, they acknowledged to eachother with a glance before leaving for work.

When they both arrived home at the same time later that evening as their love for eachother dictated, they called out to their beloved dog Poochie who always met them at the doorway tail wagging. "Where's Poochie?" they thought aloud. "I don't know" said one of them "but at least that loud creaking spring has stopped..." but didn't finish because they both knew Poochie was already dead.

rcarty, Jan 03 2011


       Bizarre. Ludicrous. Really quite insane. +
blissmiss, Jan 03 2011


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