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lucid dreams inductor

Using computer games to induce lucid dreams
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The first step to get lucid dreams is to remember in your dreams to check if you are awake or sleeping; a very difficult thing to do - as anyone interested in lucid dreams knows: it is very difficult to remember something about the wake world in your dreams.

Scientists have recently noticed that playing a lot 'geometrical' computer games like tetris you'll see them in your dreams and in your hypnagogic states

So, we could write a tetris game where clearing a level, or achieveing particular square configurations, bring up messages like "you are dreaming" or "is this a dream?". Play heavily this game and soon you'll see in your dreams these messages..

denicolellis, Jul 14 2002

how to program human dreams http://www.hms.harv...1000_stickgold.html
Scientists Learn to Program Human Dreams (Harvard Medical School) [denicolellis, Jul 14 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

A massive one stop shop for lucid dreamers http://directory.go.../Lucid_Dreams/?il=1
Lucid Dreaming Metalinks [FloridaManatee]

Perecles' dream? http://the-tech.mit...s/pericles.4.2.html
Pericles, Prince of Tyre Act 4, Scene 2 - Mytilene. A room in a brothel [FloridaManatee, Oct 21 2004]


       Thank you much.
[ sctld ], Jul 14 2002

       so this is better than the usual "pinch me I am dreaming" then? or a little message on the fridge "do not pretend you are sleepwalking, I know you better than that"   

       actually, the whole hypnagogic / hypnapompic thing is fascinating - I know I am dreaming when the croissant starts to dissolve and starts to slide jellylike off the plate.
po, Jul 14 2002

       your link seems to indicate that this is at least semi-baked
po, Jul 14 2002

       I'd like a sleep video game system to make sleep a little less boring. If someone could only do that...   

       I was playing Star Wars Racer the other day, which has a lot of 3D trips through narrow tunnels. Later that night I dreamed that I was travelling through an icy pixellated tunnel.
polartomato, Jul 14 2002

       One time after an all night mario kart 64 session, I could not get the hornet-like sound of the karts out of my head while trying to fall sleep, no matter how hard I tried. When I finally did fall asleep, all I dreamt about was little cartoony people zipping around in little cartoony cars shooting banana peels and shit at me, completely oblivious to the mario kart parallels until I awoke the next morning.   

       I know if I fall asleep with CNN on, I have some fucked up weird ass dreams totally NOT related to the news, and when I hear something on the radio the next day that happened the night before, I knew it happened, but I can never remember how I know it happened.   

       I wonder what happens if you fall asleep watching porn on some VR goggles?
Mr Burns, Jul 15 2002

       Isn't it strange how the computer actually works in dreams, but the light switch doesn't?
Amishman35, Jul 23 2002

       Ah, very true, I've been known to play Tetris in my dreams. I also had a lucid dream once, it was a great deal of fun. Any idea which may facilitate lucid dreaming gets my bun.
madradish, Jul 23 2002

       [bobofthefuture] I've had the same dreams (over the last few years) which can be very confusing. For example, I once dreamt I had washed all my socks and my sock drawer was full. Imagine my surprise, upon waking, when I opened my sock drawer to find no socks. I also dream I am getting up and going to work in the morning, when I am in fact still lazing in bed.
timo, Jul 23 2002

       In one of my lucid dreams I found I had the power to travel through glass without breaking it. I can't have been terribly lucid though, I was showing my power off to my brother, who of course, wasn't really there. It would be interesting to see if I can travel through mirrors, but I rarely lucid dream, and when I do I get excited and usually wake up.   

       [Amishman35] Not only have light switches and computers failed me in dreams, pretty much all man made devices I come across have. Cars are the scariest.
RoboBust, Jan 29 2003

       this isnt exactly my most lucid dream, but once i had this really long dream about a silver man and christina aguilera being in moulan rouge. it was quite scary actually. seeing a blonde with big hai and a comletely silver man talking to a green fairy on a windmill can ruin you for life, ya know
ShnargleMonster, Mar 03 2003

       The one time that i was dreaming, and realised that I was, I woke up moments after figuring it out. Then I couldn't fall asleep again for an hour. Anyhow, I'm going to have to write "You are dreaming" on the top of my gameboy, and play tetris constantly now. I've never had tetris dreams, but I know that I've had chu chu rocket dreams. What a messed up game.
notme, Mar 04 2003


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