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Fallout AI

Build computers and sell them to rich survivalists
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Someone was reading an article from years ago about luxury survivalist bunkers. It occurred to him or her that the scenes on those flat screen "windows" just don't cut it in the modern era. Sure they can have a thousand different scenes stored, but if you load up the "summer in the desert' set you'll be looking at your choice of two images for the duration of your stay. While the real elite, I'm sure, can afford a graphics designer for their bunker staff the rest of us will have to grunge around with this system.

This powerful graphics-making AI mainframe would be all set up (unaligned!) to turn your words into images for your windows or the projector in the range and training room. It would be trained on a massive set of landscapes and, if desired, zombie film still frames or even... other things. It will now be possible for one of your underlings to make a new picture every day (or every five minutes if you like) or to slightly modify the existing one changing shadows and details so your desert scene is always fresh.

Comes with an optional 20 year power supply, EMP hardening, training database, retraining program set, and a beautifully layed out and typeset 200 page glossy manual guaranteed not to burn under 300 degrees Celsius.
Voice, Apr 22 2024


       Read Hugh Howey's "Wool" short stories. At least the original 5.
a1, Apr 22 2024

       Would go well with the Film Noir Home system.   

       "...it was still raining."
RayfordSteele, Apr 23 2024

       If you are allowed to used AI in your idea, you should be allowed to use AI to make your idea.
mylodon, Apr 24 2024

       Although live streaming Fallout into LCD's in your bunker has a certain appeal.
mylodon, Apr 24 2024

       // If you are allowed to used AI in your idea, you should be allowed to use AI to make your idea //   

       I don't think so. Consider these broad scenarios:   

       - Some AI tool created the idea or most of your writeup from a prompt.   

       - You have an idea for which you don't have some of the details worked out, so you just say "this part uses AI" without explaining how.   

       - You have an idea that can be enhanced with some AI based tools and give some detail how those buzzwords will actually work in your scheme.   

       To me, the first two are instant fishbones. On the other hand, [Voice]'s proposal lands firmly in the laudable 3rd category. If the concept hadn't already been so thoroughly covered in Hugh Howey's "Wool" series from 2011, I'd give it a bun.
a1, Apr 24 2024

       //Fallout AI//   

       This is going to be about bots for fallout multiplayer mods so you can play them offline isn't it?   

       //Build computers and sell them to rich survivalists//   

       Still feeling it, you're in a bunker, you want to play games but the internet isn't working.. makes sense.. the irony of preppers playing fallout in their bunker's after the apocalypse is mightily apropos too, I like.   

       //different scenes stored//   


       [Deletes half draughted order to Voice Technologies Inc]   

       [Goes and rummages in the bin, retrieves PS1]   

       [Trudges disconsolately back to the shelter to put it back on the shelf]   

       Oh well.
Skewed, Apr 28 2024

       I'm sorry, [Skewed]. I'll design one of those for you when the technology is good enough for it not to count as magic.
Voice, Apr 29 2024

       //when the technology is good enough for it not to count as magic//   

       Meh, game bots don't really need anything we aint already got.   

       We had pretty adequate first person shooters for Quake arenas in the 1990s.   

       Strategy game bots have been winning games against top ranked players in Dota and other games since the 2000's (if not longer?).   

       And we've had chat bots that can keep a five year old or the average gen Z fooled indefinitely since the 1950s (thanks Alan, a pitty no one's really been able to improve on them much since), they're not really good enough to fool the rest of us past half a dozen exchanges of course but it'll do to keep you vaguely amused for a bit if you've nothing better to do.   

       Bolt those together with some metaphorical duct tape (and a bit of tinsel to make it look pretty) and it'll do until we work out something better.   

       The thing that may need work is integrating some trading AI through the bolted on chatbot (with a bit of neural net machine learning) as it's primary interface and developing appropriate call-backs and triggers between the chatbot and the other bits so it was acting appropriately to what's said to it & what it says.   

       But other than that what we have already will do I think.
Skewed, Apr 29 2024

       [Rayford] Software licences for the FNH-OS API are available at reasonable rates
hippo, Apr 29 2024


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