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guy that looks poor

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This man would sit outside your door looking extremely unfortunate and woe begotten. If you stop and speak him he would have a veritable novel of hard luck stories. He would be dressed in rags and dirt.

His purpose would be to make you feel better about your own circumstances without really having to feel guilty.
Voice, Aug 05 2010

there are plenty for hire... http://www.google.c...=&oq=homel&gs_rfai=
[xandram, Aug 05 2010]

Fake_20rubber_20ass [swimswim, Aug 05 2010]


Grogster, Aug 05 2010

       Alrighty then, [21Q], Vegas it is! I'll leave a deposit... (hehe)   

       As for this idea, [Voice], please to note that none of those bones are mine... I am still mulling the idea over [?]...
Grogster, Aug 05 2010

       Bun! [+] I have given it much thought, [Voice], and I now see the subtle brilliance of this plan! If just a third of the current world population implements this idea, we will have completely and utterly wiped out unemployment. Ironically, people who are already shiftless hobo's will have quite the advantage in on-the-job training.
Grogster, Aug 05 2010

       Bun just for [Grogster]'s third anno; It would certainly be one of the more interesting ways to remove unemployment.
xxobot, Aug 05 2010

       [-] spectrum end "yes men", sycophants.
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2010

       If you're going to stick it on top of a bonfire anyway, what would be the point of making it look rich in the first place?
coprocephalous, Aug 05 2010

       This already happens, except instead of the guy in rags and dirt it is this idea, which makes me feel better about my ideas. Even "Fake Rubber Ass".
bungston, Aug 05 2010

       We have several of these people on the estate. At least, I assume that's what they're doing. It's possible that they're just staff, of course. I'll see if I can find out.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2010

       Oops, [MaxwellBuchanan] that would be me.
blinddriver, Aug 07 2010

       //Oops, [MaxwellBuchanan] that would be me//
Yay! Mini HB-Con!
gnomethang, Aug 08 2010


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