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Family-sized hamburger

A burger the size of a large, rectangular pizza
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Currently, pizzas have monopolized the market for food that you eat while watching a game on TV. Why not have a huge burger the size of a pizza delivered to your home?

The burger is made about the size of a large casserole. To cook the meat, you use a two sturdy, grills connected by hinges. Lay an inch-thick layer of meat, about 1x1.5 feet, on one half of the rack. Fold at the hinges and now the meat is secured. The rack has a handle so that you can flip the large chunk of meat over without it falling apart.

The bun is the height of a regular bun but big enough for all the meat. Slice it laterally and put the cooked meat in the middle. Put on the condiments and whatever else, then close it up. Slice into squares and put it in a box for delivery.

The larger size means economies of scale. It's faster/cheaper to make one big burger than a bunch of small ones. It's also easier to deliver and offers an alternative to pizza.

eyal, Dec 25 2007

Hinged grill http://www.barbecue...cue-grill-tool.html
A example of how the hinged grills should look like. [eyal, Dec 25 2007]

"Deep Dish" version http://www.funny-po...ecord-hamburger.jpg
[xenzag, Dec 25 2007]

Rainforest/burger link http://www.celsias....on-a-planet-part-i/
Stop eating the trees!!! [xenzag, Dec 25 2007]

For that authentic char-broiled effect http://recipes.hows...eat-loaf-recipe.htm
Aw, shoot - it's a recipe! [DrCurry, Dec 26 2007]

Baked! BK makes a burger six-pack http://consumerist....nt-to-feed-6-people
Burger King is about to implement my idea! [eyal, May 21 2008]

McDelivery http://www.mcdelivery.com.sg/
Yes, they deliver. [sprogga, May 22 2008]

Burger King Implements http://i.imgur.com/22x0Z.jpg
Here's an ad for Burger King's version [eyal, Oct 05 2011]


       "Area of tropical rainforest destroyed for the production of each fast-food hamburger made from rainforest beef: 55 square feet." ..... as you eat your McDonalds they eat the rainforests.
Other facts. Rainforest with an area the size of Ohio is destroyed every year.
Only 6% of the earth's surface is rainforest.
xenzag, Dec 25 2007

       You are making huge burgers (a diner by me sells a 5.5 lb. burger), cooked on a big "George Forman" grill (that way you don't flip it) and then serving it on a pita sized roll. An inch thick burger would be tough to cut, but if you made the burger thin to allow easy cutting, this is doable, but messy. If you cut it after it's on the bun, the bun will be soaked won't it?
MisterQED, Dec 25 2007

       Fast-food burgers are awful. I certainly wouldn't want one delivered.   

       There's two reasons that pizza is a delivery food. First, it's messy to make--nineteen different weird ingredients and a big oven. Second, it transports well--it sits on a crust, and some folks like it cold.   

       Burgers are much the opposite of pizza. They are easy to make--fry some hamburger, maybe toast some buns, the mustard and pickles are in bottles in the fridge. Burgers don't transport well--the buns get all steamy--and nobody likes leftover hamburgers next day, and nobody eats them cold.   

       This is another one of those things that aren't being done because it wouldn't work well, not because nobody has thought of it.
baconbrain, Dec 25 2007

       I like McDonalds. It tastes good. You don't need a drink with it because it's greasy enough that you don't get thristy. I would order and eat a giant burger.
Crackpot, Dec 26 2007

       Isn't this more normally called a "meatloaf" ?
DrCurry, Dec 26 2007

       "meatza" ?
saxman, Dec 26 2007

       They should definitely come up with something like that; my normal order at any given burger joint is one of their biggest burgers and a couple regular burgers as well. But if the burger gets too thick it's impossible to stuff in your face properly.
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2007

       A pizza size hamburger is about the size of a mid-day snack in the mid-west. Just don't use any flavorings except ketchup.   

       el dueno
el dueno, May 22 2008


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