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A Canted Hamburger
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Bring your hand to your mouth as if you were about to take a bite out of a hamburger.

Did you notice you did not hold the imaginary hamburger on a plane orthogonal to gravity?


Take your average (unsliced) hamburger bun and slice it at a canted angle in such a manner that the meat patty sits at a 15 degree incline.

Now bite into the low-side, (after adding desired condiments), and the gooey condimenty goodness is less wont to spill out the back.

MikeD, May 27 2010

Piroshki http://www.google.c...=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
Like this? [csea, May 27 2010]


       Pretty sure the squish out the back is more related to extrusion pressure than gravity. I think any inccline great enough to overcome that is going to result in things sliding out the front.   

       What's really needed is standard hamburger buns (perhaps slightly oversized) with a pocket instead of a slice (like pocket pita, but more bready/squooshy)
MechE, May 27 2010

       Try not to focus on the faulty assumtions of this idea so much, [MechE].
MikeD, May 27 2010

       I like the principle, but what happens if you rotate the burger accidentally? You could have an even worse chance of drippage. [+] anyway, though.
gisho, May 27 2010

       all very well and good but did you extend your little finger at a jaunty but dainty angle?
po, May 27 2010

       Hamburger gimbals, shirley
pocmloc, May 27 2010

       I like kosher gimbals.
dentworth, May 27 2010

       I knew what "ortho" meant, but I had to google "ganal". I really wish I hadn't.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 27 2010

       //I had to google "ganal". I really wish I hadn't.//   

       Ha! Fixed.   

       [Gisho], was your annotation in reference to my idea? Or was it sexual innuendo referring to some technique I am unaware of?   

       And, of course, [Po]. T'would be uncivilised elsewise.
MikeD, May 27 2010

       I've heard he, you know ... likes to "rotate the burger"
hippo, May 27 2010

       Surely what's needed here is a non-orientable klein bun, so gravity wouldn't know which way to go. Although I'm not certain where you put the relish.
RayfordSteele, May 27 2010

       //I knew what "ortho" meant, but I had to google "ganal". I really wish I hadn't.//   

       Yeah, should have been "orthogonad" - go google.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 27 2010

       Also, can I point out that this idea, refined over several tens of generations, culminates in the invention of the Scotch Egg? This is essentially an animal-based filling with a bread- based coating, but which is designed to be equally eatable at any orientation in which a Scotsman is likely to find himself.   

       However, MikeD's embryonic reinvention of this culinary wheel gets my canted bun.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 27 2010


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