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Burger with a hole

A toroidal burger
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A pattie of minced (ground) beef, or chicken in breadcrumbs, or other grillable protein i.e. Quorn, in the shape of a ring, so sized that, after cooking, it can be served in a typical bagel, the hole in the pattie corresponding to the hole in the bagel.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2008

Burger with a hole http://www.bbqsourc...index.php/t571.html
It's in there, somewhere. Apparently it makes the burger cook more evenly. [mylodon, Aug 05 2008]

Cream Cheese Rings Cream_20Cheese_20Rings
Make mine a cheeseburger! [Wrongfellow, Aug 05 2008]

White Kastle Klones, Patties Fry-Steaming http://flickr.com/p...172960@N01/16985817
Not the real things, but almost as nasty. [baconbrain, Aug 05 2008]

Luther burger http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Luther_Burger
this one's on a donut [jaksplat, Aug 06 2008]


       saying nothing...
po, Aug 05 2008

       This would be very messy.
mylodon, Aug 05 2008

       Holy cow patty!   

       My sweetheart likes bagels. I am so making one this weekend.
normzone, Aug 05 2008

       So the cow's anus doesn't need to be ground together with the other parts any longer?
Ling, Aug 05 2008

       White Castle burger patties have five holes in them so they cook quicker. And a few other problems. But some folks like 'em. See link for an attempt to emulate.   

       Bagel burgers? That might absorb all the grease.
baconbrain, Aug 05 2008

       + Well I like this because I would put stuff in the hole, put on a regular bun and the stuff won't be falling out of the sides of the roll. I think ketchup lovers would get great use out of this! I would put fried onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc. so they won't be all over my shirt!
xandram, Aug 06 2008

       After reading this yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about burgers.
mylodon, Aug 06 2008

       Is there NO END to the uses of a torus? It truly is the Swiss Army shape.
wagster, Aug 06 2008

       //I would put stuff in the hole//   

       Slightly different but, when I was in halls at Leicester Uni the canteen used to make the most God-awful food imaginable. Apart from miscellaneous meat night, one particularly gruesome meal was the cheeseburger. Some bright spark had thought it a good idea to have the cheese injected into the centre of the burger, and then not cook it properly. It was a biological hazard, not a tasty treat.
theleopard, Aug 07 2008

       So.. you could have cut out the centre with an apple-corer (or sharp knife) - effectively performing a full uncookedmeatandcheese-ectomy. Leaving you with a perfectly healthy burger-with-a-hole.   

       If only you'd known!
Jinbish, Aug 07 2008

       Make your own white castles.   

       High school-cafeteria-style roll (homemade)   

       Ground chuck (grind your own)   

       Patty = take a half pound of meat and place in ziplock bag. Press flat, and work out all of the air. Freeze it about halfway, and cut it into quarters. Peel off plastic and fry.   

       Serve with the best pickles you can find and grated Canadian cheddar. Yum.
nomocrow, Aug 07 2008

       Also handy if you need to offer burger-on-a-stick.
Cedar Park, Aug 08 2008

       A bun for the idea...or maybe just [xandram]'s application thereof. I'd like a less messy burger.
jellydoughnut, Aug 12 2008

       This is a good idea, because, like the old coins with a hole, you can carry the burgers around, on a string, tied around your neck.
django, Aug 13 2008

       //like the old coins with a hole, you can carry the burgers around, on a string//
Or you could thread them on your snorkel for when you get peckish during a long dive.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 13 2008

       //Or you could thread them on your snorkel for when you get peckish during a long dive.//   

       Fair enough, but they didn't do that in ancient times. In ancient times, they only threaded burgers on radio antennas, to beef up programmes about cattle farming.
django, Aug 13 2008


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