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Hickory Flavored Propane Gas

Smokey flavor with the conveniece of gas
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Everyone likes smokey flavored barbecue, but no one really has the time or resources to properly smoke foods with hickory chips and a big expensive smoker.

Propane gas infused with hickory smoke taste allows the Average Joe to make better tasting barbecue. Through special "gasification" technology too vague for me to explain, hickory wood is turned into a gas and mixed into the liquit propane gas cannister.

A flavoring called liquid smoke, used in most barbecue sauces, could also be mixed into the liquid gas under pressure.

discontinuuity, Jun 26 2005

(?) for [toomer34] http://polymer.main.jp/nikibi/
Perhaps his ant can read it [Susan, Jun 26 2005]


       so if your house smells of hickory and you ant cooking get out and say sianara to your house, But hey it went out smellin good!
toomer34, Jun 26 2005

       I doubt it will work. As it is, for safety, there is mercaptan--a horridly odiferous substance--mixed in with natural gas in order to allow a leak to be detected by smell. The mercaptan doesn't affect the food.
bristolz, Jun 26 2005

       //I doubt it will work./
I'm almost certain it wouldn't, but I rather like it anyway.
angel, Jun 26 2005

       All you have to do if you're that lazy is soak some of those hickory chips and spread em around on the fake coals in your gas grill. Real smoke, really works. Or go get an expensive ($35US) smoker.
oxen crossing, Jun 28 2005

       I used to hook up the pressurized liquid-smoke tank to the valve that fed it into the spray nozzles of an oven full of a thousand turkeys. Running it through the burner nozzles would have made a mess and tasted bad.   

       The idea of gasifying wood is a good one, if you broke it out from the bits about smoke taste, and gave any hint at all how it could be done. I do know that burning wood is broken down to gasses by the heat, and the gasses then burn. I also know that coal gasification has been done. I assume that if a charcoal maker were heavily modified, it could gasify wood. Sorting out the molecules that add flavor might be a good trick.
baconbrain, Jun 28 2005

       Saw this and thought it was hickey-flavored gas.
normzone, Oct 05 2006

       A charcoal maker IS a wood gasifier. With a backyard charcoal maker, the gases driven off can be piped back under the closed container and burned, and any other fuel can be turned off. When the volatiles stop boiling off, the flame goes out and you're left with good charcoal.   

       Wood smoke imparts good flavor, but passing this smoke through a flame would most likely destroy the organic compounds that give it such a good flavor, much like the mercaptans already added to propane are destroyed.   

       Good idea, but I seriously doubt that it could work.
Freefall, Oct 05 2006


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