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Fan Ball

Quite easily the most exciting game you will ever play in your life.
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So basically I've only played a few times due to difficulty in finding a Fan Ball arena.

How you play the game:

First of all, you need a room at least 10x10. It must be entirely empty, and have a ceiling fan.

You take one glow in the dark bouncy ball, and charge it up real good on any light source.

Close the door in the empty room, make sure the fan is on it's highest setting. BY ALL MEANS SIT DOWN. Turn off the light, and chuck your fan-ball up at the fan.

The only way I can describe the sight of this, is, think of the movie "Tron" on crack.

Finally, make up any rules corresponding to the games limitations and have fun.

Players 1++

Jerk, Jul 16 2008

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       + welcome. great username.. you'll fit right in.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 16 2008

       Thanks, been a fan of this website for years. I'm not really sure why I never signed up.   

       Anyways, try out the game if you ever have a chance, how I long to see fan ball played again, one day.
Jerk, Jul 16 2008

       Welcome, [Jerk].   

       I'd say the odds were against the ball hitting the fan more than once per throw.
pertinax, Jul 16 2008

       Sounds fun.
Jinbish, Jul 16 2008

       And put some strobing LEDs on the fan blades [+].
4whom, Jul 16 2008

       Or those luminous self-adhesive moons and stars ....
8th of 7, Jul 16 2008

       //one glow in the dark bouncy ball// Is this like a superball? They have big ones of those with LEDs, but you could die in there with one of those.   

       I actually just set up a playroom for my daughter with a ceiling fan and one of the first things that I did was hit it with a beach ball. The fan has a light, so I wouldn't try a superball.   

       But hey, it's crazy, pretty funny and might get you killed so (+) welcome to the halfbakery.
MisterQED, Jul 16 2008

       I had a terrible billiards accident some years ago, and today it is very hot here. This was an idea I thought could help me.
bungston, Jul 16 2008

       wot's a glow in the dark bouncy ball?
po, Jul 16 2008

       10x10 what? This could get very cosy (and thus more dangerous).   

       I want large teams, multiple balls, moving obstructions and a speed bonus round. Although we may need some sort of irridescent team clothing for this to work.   

silverstormer, Jul 16 2008

       Perhaps sequins or reflective tape, [silverstormer]? And rollerblades, with sparklers.
Gallus, Jul 17 2008


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