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The complete kit for the flatulence-prone
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Nowadays, the conventions of society and of community life have made the act of farting into something to avoid in public. Not only is the sound considered somewhat unaesthetic and laughable, the smell is usually not that highly appreciated. As a result people have a much less comfortable life then they could. Sometimes I think how much more comfortable my life could be if I could just fart whenever I felt like. The Fart@Will is not some political campaign of protest with the objective of farting at people called Will. Instead it's a full kit to allow you to fart whenever you feel like without being frowned upon or loosing the respect of your peers. The content of the kit is as follows: - 1 set of underwear - 1 activated carbon filter - 1 fragrance emitter - 1 noise canceling unit

Whenever the user releases the flatus, the noise canceling unit detects the sound emitted and does its job. It also acts as a trigger for the fragrance emitter which, in conjunction with the activated carbon filter nullifies the less pleasant smell. Paradoxically, the user's flatulence will have a pleasant smell.

The noise canceling unit will have an add-on to download (either by USB connection or Bluethooth) actual sounds and ring tones. And of course there will be recharges of the carbon activated filter and of the fragrance, which can be chosen from a range of different aromas for each season.

PauloSargaco, Nov 03 2010


       hehe + (but is it really a musical instrument??)
maybe Product: Filter?
xandram, Nov 03 2010

       [xandram] I confess I couldn't find a proper categorization for this product. I'll follow your suggestion, thanks.
PauloSargaco, Nov 03 2010

       [21] Your only real hope is for a kit similar to this, for a person *other* than the farter. That is an entirely different kit, consisting of (most importantly) a fragrance emitter (or odor canceler). Noise canceler, clean underwear, etc, would be optional. Someone should get to work on such a kit.   

       But, [Paulo]'s idea at least partly solves the problem. Let us count these blessings and be grateful. [+]
Boomershine, Nov 03 2010

       [21] I was thinking that the sheer force of a person's desire to fit into society and get the acceptance of their fellow Human while still being able to fart would be incentive enough for them to wear the kit.   

       This is an idea aimed at people like me who don't like causing discomfort to other people but would still love to fart when the need arises.   

       For those who take pleasure in partaking their bad smells with others I would recommend closing them in a closet. Please allow for a whole to breath.
PauloSargaco, Nov 04 2010

Loris, Nov 04 2010

       [21] People use deodorant, colognes, mouthwash, etc, usually without prompting from others (don't they?).
Boomershine, Nov 04 2010

       Now that I think about this, wouldn't just a Fart@SomewhereElse pretty much do the trick?
Boomershine, Nov 04 2010

       I do enjoy the novelty of seeing 21Q worrying about offending someone.
Loris, Nov 04 2010

       sp. losing.
egbert, Nov 04 2010

       //No mention of Billy Connolly yet.//   

       Whoops! There's one.
Boomershine, Nov 04 2010

       //And of course there will be recharges of the carbon activated filter and of the fragrance, which can be chosen from a range of different aromas for each season.//   

       The smell must be one of roses, like my farts are. Truly, you know...
blissmiss, Nov 05 2010

       // Now that I think about this, wouldn't just a Fart@SomewhereElse pretty much do the trick? //   

       That would defeat the whole purpose of the product. Imagine (or try to remember the last time it happened) you had a really tasty [insert the flatulence inducing dish of your preference here] for lunch. You're at [work / the opera / some other place surrounded by lots of people] and you feel that pressing need to let nature take it's course. [Let's go with the "at the opera example"] If you had a Fart@SomewhereElse with you, you would go "excuse me", "pardon me", "I'm really sorry for bothering you but I really have to go", "if you don't move your legs you're gonna be really sorry" all the way to the isle, step out, loudly fart, go back to your place, sit, watch 2 more minutes of the opera and then go through the whole process again. Now consider the alternative: the feel arises, you slightly lift one of your buttocks from the seat, do your thing in absolute silence (thoughtfully you remembered to put it in silent mode) and, miraculously, a pleasant aroma fills the area. Now beat that with your Fart@SomewhereElse!
PauloSargaco, Nov 07 2010


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