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Nokia tune whistle

lots of calls today
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this whistle is designed to be fixed with comfort in the anus. So every time there is a flatulence, the famous nokia tune will sound, sparing you the social stigma.

once it sounds, you excuse yourself and go out to the outside, to vent it -so excuse to take the call...

noyola, May 18 2009


       people will wonder why your phone appears to be in your hinder, an impression not helped when you leave the room to discretely "answer the call".
WcW, May 18 2009

       people will ask themselves why you fart every time your phone rings.   

       Even given my suspension of disbelief for //fixed with comfort in the anus// - why would you have to go outside to //vent it// ? If there is a tube bridging you sphincter, why should there be any gas retained to be released later?   

       On the other hand, you might make money selling your non-adoption of their corporate ringtone to companies.
loonquawl, May 19 2009

       Answering nature's call takes on a whole new meaning.   

       How would you explain your ringing ring if you were on the phone at the time?
shudderprose, May 19 2009

       Wasn't this an SNL skit?
nomocrow, May 19 2009

       I tried this once with the Willy Wonka flute. Musical farts are annoying.
Jscotty, May 19 2009


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