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Flatulence Indicator

Flatulence Indicator
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They have chemicals in swimming pools to indicate when someone is peeing in the water (so i'm told) , so why not have gas in the air that changes colour when someone "lets rip". Obviously this isn't feasible in the air outside, but its rarely noticed there anyway. It's most useful application would be in enclosed spaces: lifts, trains, offices etc where it would be a simple matter of injecting it into the air conditioning or ducts. Clearly everyone has off days where they have trouble with their rear-end and sometimes one can just slip out unnoticed, but this should mostly be used to target the serial flatulators who blatantly flaunt our clean air laws
Little_Crow, Apr 02 2001


       you could market it as "who farted!?!?!".
mihali, Apr 08 2001

       "flout" not "flaunt". "flaunt" means "show off in a provocative fashion". Thank you.
kropotkin, Jan 31 2003

       ...or tablets for farters to colour their emissions. Teams of prolific froopers such as myself could perform at special events by running around mid fart, conjouring up patterns and designs with our vapour trails, a little like an aerobatic team.   

       I fear your invention would only encourage my farty brethren.
robstott, Aug 01 2004


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