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Firsts on the internet

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Because the internet/web are reasonably recent in terms of mass-market adoption, a lot of the things that have happened for the first time ever on the internet are in our recent history. This idea is for a list of these to be somewhere (obviously, on the internet). E.g. the first email sent by a head of state (I'm pretty sure this is the queen of the UK, who sent an email in 1976); the first time someone bought a smartphone from a website on another smartphone, etc...
hippo, Sep 01 2017


       Would the list include the first time someone proposed, on a on-line forum, the creation of list of internet firsts?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2017

       ...and the first time someone commented on such an idea
hippo, Sep 01 2017

       Recursion: swearing again and again.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 01 2017

       Yeah, googlewhacks and the first bitcoin pizza are ready nominees. But I'm probably not the first to suggest those.   

       I remember my first internet access ....
normzone, Sep 01 2017

       I was one of a group of 3 people who convinced my college to establish a connection to the internet..... three computers were connected after 6 months of negotiations etc. I had used something called Mozilla on a computer at another college, and showed this to my head of department who typed in the word "golf" to carry out his first search. For the first few years we used HotBot, but at a design show I went to in London, several notables selected something called Google as an example of a well designed product, so I tried it and convinced my colleagues that it was worth trying when I returned......
xenzag, Sep 01 2017

       padding in to the guest account at nsfnet-relay, ftp'ing files from the internet to there, then hhcping them back to your acct at your home uni.
prufrax, Sep 01 2017

       Wifrt ... if you're going to buy your degree on the internet, it might as well be a first.
pertinax, Sep 02 2017

       I think I'd been close on some of these. According to Wikipedia first online trade was made by what eventually became Ameritrade in 1994, but I was certainly working on that tech in that time frame.   

       this is a bit more odd, but I probably had the largest scale website (about 7 million users) brought down in a terrorist attack, as my web farm was on the 68th floor of the South Tower.   

       And on a lighter note, I might have had the first real-time multiplayer online games for J2ME phones in 2005.
theircompetitor, Sep 02 2017


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