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flash content access

descriptive flash content plugin
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Flash content is unavailable due to Adobe pulling the plug.

But the content is not their's. Only the format and the way of turning it into an animation. So instead of giving the (interactive) animation lets just give a full description of the content. That would not be tresspassing Adobe's rights, since they have no right to the CONTENT. Once I have the content and its meaning I can do whatever I wish with it. No?

pashute, Oct 29 2021

Ruffle https://ruffle.rs/#what-is-ruffle
[hippo, Oct 29 2021]

Edge extension https://microsofted...hpgdppmldmkemplbcko
[hippo, Oct 29 2021]


       I like this Pashute. I wonder if someone has created a Flash to Other Format convertor without the drawbacks of Flash?
AusCan531, Oct 29 2021

       There is a Flash emulator called Ruffle and also a Flash player extension for Edge (regardez linkage), neither of which I have tried
hippo, Oct 29 2021

       thanks hippo i'll try
pashute, Nov 01 2021


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