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Fashion Line of Sleeping Bags

Kids don't have to be embarassed about their "uncool" sleeping bags anymore
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This would be a line of sleeping bag/pajamma sets that have a common theme. Say a child was really into...um... vegatables, they might want a sleeping bag that looked like a pea pod. The pajammas would be decorated like peas. Or say a child REALLY liked shoes. They could get a sleeping bag that looked like their favorite shoe and the pajammas could look like a foot... or a sock, depending on the type of shoe. There could even be a Trendy Pop Culture line with favorite stars such as Teen Wolf or Punky Brewster. You get the picture. The possiblities would be endless!
fatmess, Nov 05 2001

Some novelty sleeping bags http://www.emporium...oducts/snugg001.htm
[stupop, Nov 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       [stupop], these are fun sleeping bags, but I don't see the pajamas-bag correspondence that is at the heart of [fatmess]'s suggestion. Are you responding to the idea's title only?
jutta, Nov 05 2001

       Kids only really care about looking cool when they're way too old to regard dressing up like peas and sleeping in a peapod with anything but withering disdain.   

       I have seen sleeping bags that look like peapods somewhere, but I fail to remember if it was deliberate or not.
DrBob, Nov 05 2001

       I have to disagree with fatmess's whole principle. Surely kids won't have to worry about their uncool sleeping-bags *until* someone introduces cool sleeping bags and their wealthy friends all get the much nice ones.   

       And Teen Wolf??????
pottedstu, Nov 05 2001

       I want an adult line of sleeping bags, DKNY for instance. Or Gucci and Prada, but I wouldn't be able to afford one of those. =/
dj_photon, Nov 05 2001

       "Don't put that sleeping bag on the ground! Do you have any idea what it COST?"
Guncrazy, Nov 06 2001


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