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Self-storing sleeping bag

Coils itself up like a metal ruler
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A sleeping bag that coils itself up into a tight roll when you get out of it. Much like the old metal rulers that are concave along the length. Extremely firm when extended, but coil up tight when stored. The only trick is to prevent it from coiling while sleeping!

Special thanks to Shz for the "Stack-a-Sack" enhancement.

timbuktu11, Mar 29 2003

Coiling Technology http://www.partypal...elets-Bracelet.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       Whats with all the curly ideas of late? +
sambwiches, Mar 29 2003

       So it's concave along it's length...until you get into it and flatten it. Then it rolls up with you in it.
phoenix, Mar 29 2003

       you would have to hook both ends to a wall like a hammock.
po, Mar 29 2003

       It could work like those snap bracelets.
waugsqueke, Mar 29 2003

       hows that?
po, Mar 29 2003

       // snap bracelets // - Ha! The cat comes along in the night, and...   

       <medical examiner> Although he appears to have sustained multiple lacerations, several dislocated vertebra and two broken legs, the proximate cause of death appears to be heart failure - for both the deceased and the cat he was wrapped around </med ex>
lurch, Mar 29 2003

       If it rolled into a case like a measuring tape, then it could have a ‘hold open’ button just like a measuring tape. (+)
Shz, Mar 29 2003

       Good idea - if the case is small enough and square for stackability.
timbuktu11, Mar 29 2003

       Would the bag have markings along the side, so one could ascertain the number of mm one has grown during the night?
FarmerJohn, Mar 29 2003

       grow bags are baked.
po, Mar 29 2003

       Well, do they come about 12 inches long and two in diameter?
FarmerJohn, Mar 29 2003

       alternate idea: the case for the sleeping bag has a little air pump in it, and so the sleeping bag is capable of vacuum packing itself. by expelling all the air form teh container, you can get it not only smaller, but lighter as well.
urbanmatador, Mar 29 2003

       There are self-inflating sleeping bag mattresses...perhaps this could work in somewhat the same way.
Eugene, Mar 29 2003

       Perhaps a crank on the end of the case letting you, well, crank that baby into a super-tight roll. Hang a motor on it?
timbuktu11, Mar 29 2003

       How did rods get from mentioning snoring to being taken out and broken down? Wasn't he already broken down? I'm confused, fogfreak.   

       tim, in order to behave like the metal ruler you refer to, wouldn't the sleeping bag also have to be made of metal? That sounds a bit uncomfortable. There are plastics out there with a pretty good memory for shape. Perhaps making the underside of the sleeping bag out of a sheet of heavy-duty plastic that you place curly-side down to sleep on would work. When you get out of the bag the underside tends to return to its original shape, curling the bag right up (or should that be right down?) again.
Canuck, Apr 01 2003

       Johnathan Michealevitz passed away suddenly today from a freak camping accident. He was sleeping in his "Selfstora-sleeper", when the spring tensioner device malfunctioned, and rolled him up like a curly fry. He possibly would have survived, if not for the vacuum sealer motor that switched on during the recoil process of the sleeper. Witnesses say when they woke up they found Mr. Michealevitz rolled up into a nice neat twelve inch circumferenced ball.
theThinker, Apr 01 2003

       fatal, but damn are we efficient!
urbanmatador, Apr 01 2003

       //alternate idea: the case for the sleeping bag has a little air pump in it, and so the sleeping bag is capable of vacuum packing itself. by expelling all the air form teh container, you can get it not only smaller, but lighter as well.//   

       That's the basic idea of a compression pack for a sleeping bag, only it doesn't depend on a perfect seal.   

       The problem is the compression bags are too small. If you had a bigger pack that could squeeze as tight, it'd work.   

       BTW, check for chocolate bars in the back before storing your sleeping bag.
FloridaManatee, Apr 01 2003


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